End-of-term fun for DT students

Victoria Haughton
05th July 2017
Textiles used in fun end-of-term DT activity

Ensure you've got the end of term all sewn up with these engaging design tasks, group challenges and interactive quizzes

It's that time of year when the thoughts of both you and your students are wandering to the summer break. So, with only a few weeks left of term, what better way to stay motivated than with some light-hearted fun? Check out this collection of quizzes, trivia games and group challenges to make sure those final lessons hit the mark.

Quizzes and games

Which came first - chewing gum or the Rubix Cube? Remind students of the historical importance of DT by surprising them with the age of some of our favourite products in this invention dates quiz. Alternatively, give them the chance to win big as they put their knowledge of plastics to the test with this easily adaptable Who wants to be a Millionaire? quiz.

Further test learners' general knowledge of all things resistant materials with this DT trivia game. Then, go on to recap a range of materials and processes in product design bingo.

Do you know your dates?

A quiz that asks which came first...kinda like the chicken and egg debate, only this time the answers are more definite- yes the post it note was invented after the lego brick, wasn't it? Or was it...?
By doodle_dt

Millionnaire quiz

On plastics and recycling plastics
By hayleybeth

DT Trivia game

A range of cards and a board produced that could be used as a revision aid for Resistant Materials

By stuartdaviesvarndean

Product Design Bingo

A-Level product design theory bingo.
Print out the cards and use the bingo list to make up the questions.
Students cross off the correct answer on their bingo cards, 1st one to cross them all off is the winner.
By roselane1

Lesson activities

There’s been an E.coli breakout! In this mystery exercise, pupils work together to discover the source of the breakout, before presenting their findings to a jury comprised of their peers. Or, encourage them to get a bit more hands-on with this design task, which sees groups work together to plan and build a paper rollercoaster.

Teach students about design evolution before combining their ideas to create a truly unique chair in this stand-alone lesson. And, once comfortable with the design process, why not get them creating a female super-hero to promote healthy living using this handy worksheet?

Paper Rollercoaster

Similar to my Paper Towers resource, the learners work in pairs or teams to research, plan and build a paper rollercoaster for a marble to travel along.

By Jenni Foden

Developing a Design Idea - One Off Lesson

Ideal for supply/cover lesson. I used this for an interview lesson and it seemed to go down well (although not well enough for me to get the job :-) ). Getting pupils to develop their idea by mixing it with other pupils (similar to consequences played in English)
By littlemissraw

One-off Design Activity for a cover lesson 3

Design activity to design a costume for a super hero. This is suitable as a cover lesson & should last around 1 hour. I keep a selection of similar activities handy in case I'm away from school at short notice.
By kimbeeson

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