Primary English: Creating a reading culture

Sian Evans
01st September 2017
Primary pupil looking through library books reflecting the development of a reading culture

Engage young learners and encourage them to read for pleasure with these hand-picked resources

Reading is one of those essential life skills that students cannot do without. While fostering a whole class of budding bookworms may feel like a mammoth task, there are things that can be done to make sure that every student finds books that are both meaningful to them and which develop their understanding of language. 

With pupils fresh from their summer holiday, now is the perfect time to implement a positive reading culture in your classroom. 

Reading displays

From book-themed signs and inspirational quotes to vocabulary labels and thought-provoking questions, set the scene for quiet reading in your classroom with these ready-to-use, visual posters. What better way to encourage anxious readers to pick up a book than by creating a safe space for them to begin their next adventure?

Reading Corner Book Sign Post Arrows

Arrows for fictional book settings which can be used for a sign post to display in a reading area or reading display.

(Download looks different to the preview)

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By laurajayee

Book corner quotes

A selection of quotes from Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl for display in a book corner. The quotes are not all related to reading but instead could be better described as 'inspirational&'.
By TheLorax

Reading Corner Vocabulary Labels

FOURTEEN pages of labels with words, images and definitions that are all linked to reading.

These could be used in your reading corner, as part of your guided reading activities or during your English / Literacy lessons.

This resource includes the following terms:
* Adventure,
* Author,
* Biography,
* Character,
* Dictionary,
* Editor,
* Genre,
* Illustrator,
* Mystery,
* Novel,
* Plot,
* Tense,
* Thriller.

... and much more!

Find more resources like this in our Classroom Essentials Pack at
By Teaching Ideas

Book corner display (questions)

Questions to prompt children to consider their book/reading choices. Useful for book corner display. Two formats - just text to mount yourself - text in coloured speech bubbles (ready to cut out!)
By imogenhudson

Library challenges

Give every class member the opportunity to fall in love with their school library by setting them challenges and getting them exploring. Whether they are identifying different sections using a scavenger hunt or delving into undiscovered genres with a long-lasting game of bingo, these simple tasks will open up the world of books to learners of all abilities.

Reading for Pleasure Book Bingo Game Board (genre)

Book Bingo game to encourage children to read for pleasure and to read a range of different genres. Children mark off their progress as they read each different genre on the board.
By MrsHBooks

'Book Ninjas' Library Tasks

30 engaging tasks for students to complete in the library. I created these little library challenge cards for my boys group who really engaged with them! The idea is that ninjas are silent and focused and a class in the library should be too. These vary in ability and challenge and be easily adapted!

Suitable for KS2 or KS3!
By MissCResources

Library challenges

4 ks1 challenges and 4 ks2 challenges to brighten up any library. The resource is fully editable so can be changed to allow challenges to the library area on a weekly basis.
By bgjwh06

Library lesson

An activity for visiting the school library. One lesson.
By a_froome_mts

Feedback activities

Once learners are finding books that they love, make sure they take the chance to share their thoughts with their peers. Not only does this give them the confidence to express their opinions, verbally or in writing, but it might just help another pupil find their next book!

A Class Book Club/Literature Circle

This power point sets out guide lines for the pupils and hopefully starts them discussing their books and looking at literature the way good readers do. It encourages them to activate previous knowledge, make predictions, form questions, make connections, revise and ajust predictions, as well as summarise and evaluate the text.
By imwells

Reading Activity Cards - Fiction Pack

Enclosed in this set are 29 fiction activity question cards which can be used during guided reading sessions and are particularly useful to help prepare children for the KS2 SATs in May.

Each question card is coded to show the assessment focus it can be matched up to.

The activity cards are also colourfully designed and includes a playful clipart image - thanks to our link to iClipart.
By ResourceCentre

Home Reading Diary Template

A simple and well loved reading diary template. Has developed over the years with a lot of student input. You can also change responses, leave a note and count the days they read.
By burrababy

The Monster book of guided reading Year 1

30 pages of fun guided reading activities to cover the comprehension section of the Year 1 Reading curriculum.
By littlemisstechnical

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