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14th November 2019
 Bah Humbug Dickens A Christmas Carol Scrooge

Prevent any 'Bah! Humbug!' in your classroom with these teaching resources for A Christmas Carol

Dickens' A Christmas Carol is one of the most popular texts in the secondary English classroom, especially in the first term with Christmas marking the end. We've collected a range of resources to help you teach this classic of English Literature - whether you're using it as an exam text or for some Christmas fun.

Schemes of work

These comprehensive schemes of work will give you everything you need to cover the entire text, with lesson presentations and resources included.

A Christmas Carol: Full Scheme & Resources

A Christmas Carol: Full Scheme & Resources - aimed at GCSE, but easily adapted for KS3.
By jamestickle86

A Christmas Carol Full Scheme of Work and Resources

A full set of powerpoint lessons; drawn together from original material and other sources into a full scheme of work. Each powerpoint usually takes 2-3 lessons.

A brief explanation of some of the elements:
> Links to any youtube videos are in small font at the bottom of the applicable slide.
> I've made a note of which section of the book the tasks refer to at the bottom of the slide in the relevant lessons if it's not immediately obvious!
> I use a mix of reading in class and setting reading for homework, as you will see in some of the powerpoints. When I read with the students in class, I generally distribute the dialogue as 'parts' for individuals to read and then read the descriptive passages myself. Lists of the 'parts' in the relevant passages are on the slides.
> In the powerpoint titled 'Analysis of the Ghost of Christmas Present', I've put more detailed instructions on how I use the activites in the notes section at the bottom of slide 2.

Please do leave any questions in the comments section if you need any further clarification, and if you feel the resources have been useful, please feel free to post a rating and feedback. Thank you!

All images are in the public domain, unless otherwise indicated.
A number of the 19th century illustrations were sourced from the scanned images at:, where the images may be used without prior permission for any scholarly or educational purposes.
All wallpaper backgrounds available at

Every effort has been made to trace copyright holders and obtain permission for the use of images in this teaching resource. Where this has not been possible, or if any copyright holders have been inadvertently overlooked, please do contact me and I will be pleased to make any necessary changes. I can be contacted via my facebook page at:
By ClaraMH

Lessons based on the full text

These lessons are based on the complete text and explore different aspects of it, including the context in which it was written, the form and structure of the novel, characterisation and the use of language devices. 

A Christmas Carol: The Development of Scrooge!

This engaging and informative lesson enables students to make insightful and developed interpretations regarding the character of Ebenezer Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol.’ In particular, they explore how his character is originally introduced, and then developed throughout the appearances of the three ghosts.

The lesson follows a step-by-step learning journey, in which children learn through:
- Reading and understanding the selected extracts to determine the key traits of Scrooge's character at different points in the text;
- Noticing trends in Scrooge's character throughout the text, observing how he has developed from the opening of the text through completion of a 'Character Arc.'
- Analysing Dickens' intentions in developing the character of Scrooge throughout the text;
- Peer assessing each other's learning attempts.

Included is:
- Whole lesson PowerPoint - colourful and comprehensive;
- Selected extracts demonstrating Scrooge's development;
- Character Arc template;
- Analysis template with success criteria for creating well-structured responses;
- Comprehensive lesson plan.

There are also opportunities for group learning, peer assessment, and whole class discussion. This was originally taught to mixed ability year 10 groups, but can easily be differentiated for groups of different ages and abilities.

All images are licensed for commercial use, and image rights are listed on the last page of the presentation.
By TandLGuru

GCSE English Literature 9-1 :A Christmas Carol- form, Structure & Language

PPT designed for the new specifications examining the way Dickens employs form and structure and his use of language to create effect. Activities to enhance learning are included and can also be used for revision.
By jan36

The Pathetic Fallacy in A Christmas Carol

A GCSE lesson for A Christmas Carol look at analysis of the pathetic fallacy and language (AO1 & AO2).
Includes extension questions for higher ability and to evoke conversation.
Essay style questions will assist in exam technique and lesson includes work sheet to revise language features
By Lizzie Mackey

A Christmas Carol: The Context of Victorian Britain!

This engaging and informative lesson students to make sustained and developed links between Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and its social and historical context. In particular, students learn about the harsh treatment of the poor in Victorian society, the selfishness and cruelty of those in power, and attitudes towards sin, religion, and the supernatural. The lesson explores how Dickens explores these ideas through the allegorical nature of the text.

The lesson follows a step-by-step learning journey, in which children learn through:
- Understanding key information about Charles Dickens, his life, and influences;
- Researching and sharing key contextual understanding about the rich, poor, healthcare, and religion in the 19th Century;
- Reading Stave 1 of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and identifying evidence of contextual influences;
- Analysing how Dickens presents his views about the cruelty of 19th Century life through the opening of the text;
- Peer assessing each other’s learning attempts.

Included is:
- Whole lesson PowerPoint - colourful and comprehensive;
- Extract - Chapter 1 of A Christmas Carol;
- Template for researching 19th Century life (and completed answer sheet for teachers);
- Analysis template with success criteria for creating well-structured responses;
- Comprehensive lesson plan.

There are also opportunities for group learning, peer assessment, and whole class discussion. This was originally taught to mixed ability year 10 groups, but can easily be differentiated for groups of different ages and abilities.

All images are licensed for commercial use, and image rights are listed on the last page of the presentation.

By TandLGuru

Exam preparation and revision

If you're looking for resources to help your students prepare for exam questions or revise key content, we have picked out some ideal resources to support you. The knowledge organiser and key quotes resources will help your students to focus on the core content that they need to learn, and they can practise their exam skills using the exam questions. A comprehensive revision booklet will help them to study and revise the text independently.

A Christmas Carol extract questions

17 mock papers for A Christmas Carol.
By cagodlington

A Christmas Carol GCSE Knowledge Organiser / Revision Sheet

Excellent resource for teachers and students, designed for AQA GCSE. Fully editable and all on one A3 sheet so that it can be stuck into students' books. Contains: plot timeline; key quotes for each stave; form and structure; context; key characters; key themes. Can be used for planning a SOW or for revision.
By miss_fletcher

A Christmas Carol Knowledge Organiser

A knowledge organiser for A Christmas Carol - plot, characters, themes, quotes, context etc.

Not all my own work - it is a compilation of different resources found free on the internet.

By Cbalms

A Christmas Carol Quotations and Themes

A simple worksheet designed to help students revise key quotations and allow them to independently match to themes of the novella.
Ideal for KS4 students studying A Christmas Carol in preparation for the AQA GCSE exam.
Best printed on A3

By Lizzie Mackey

Games and activities

These shorter games, activities and puzzles will keep your KS3 and KS4 students engaged and having fun while learning key skills!

A Christmas Carol word search

Great as a starter or a mini-plenary to re-focus students and to remind them of the correct spellings. This was aimed at a lower ability group so you may need to adapt to suit your class.
By Temperance

A Christmas Carol Escape Room

Revise A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens hrough an engaging ‘escape room’ lesson! It is filled with codes, puzzles and activities to get students to revise characters, themes and contexts as they work in groups or ‘escape crews’ to get out of the locked counting house! Includes answers for every mystery and puzzle (see the notes attached in the PowerPoint) and is a brilliant way to help students in their revision for A Christmas Carol and AQA English Literature Paper 1 - but works for all over exam boards, too including OCR,WJEC, EDUQAS, Edexcel and so on.

By Lead_Practitioner

Quote Revision Game for Macbeth and Christmas Carol

A quote revision game for Macbeth and A Christmas Carol containing 98 quote prompts (49 for Macbeth and 49 for A Christmas Carol). The competitive and collaborative nature of the task means students find it highly engaging.

Can be used with 1 or 2 dice.

It is currently in A4 but I recommend enlarging it to A3.

In order to advance the number decided by the dice, the student must think of a relevant quotation that matches the prompt.

For example:
The prompt might be: A quote about Macbeth’s masculinity.
The answer could be: ‘I dare do all that may become a man’.

By HMBenglishresources1984

Christmas Carol Revision - A Christmas Party!

What can be better than having a Christmas Party in June? My y10 LOVED this. They asked for a lesson to revise quotes ready for the mocks. (We are doing GOODWILL) I came up with the ideas of having a party, complete with games and decorations. (5 Activities in total) This does include very specific quotes, but can be adapted to fit any theme or character! It comes complete with Christmas songs and a PowerPoint presentation to support.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. B’ah Humbug!?!?

By helenchoudhury


For really great value, have a look at these bundles - each contains 20 resources covering all aspects of A Christmas Carol.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol - AWARD NOMINATED: EVERY LESSON for Charles Dickens' text. 20x fully differentiated and resourced lessons to prepare KS3 and KS4 students for AQA GCSE English Literature questions on Charles Dickens' classic novella. All created by a Tes Bev Evans Award nominated author 2017.

Includes the following lessons:

1) Introduction to the text
2) Historical context
3) Stave one language analysis
4) Fred and Scrooge character analysis (Stave One)
5) Marley's Ghost - language analysis (Stave One)
6) Marley's message (Stave One)
7) The Ghost of Christmas Past (Stave Two)
8) Fezziwig (Stave Two)
9) Fan and Belle (Stave Two)
10) The Ghost of Christmas Present (Stave Three)
11) The Cratchits (Stave Three)
12) The Next Visits (Stave Three)
13) Stave Four - Part One
14) Tiny Tim and Scrooge - Stave Four
15) Stave Five - The End
17) Exam practice pack (10 questions)
18) Exam question review
19) Key quotes
20) Knowledge organiser for revision

Please note: When downloading a bundle each resource must be downloaded separately. If you have any issues downloading the resources please email me at and I will help you.
By Lead_Practitioner

A Christmas Carol GCSE 9-1. 'Outstanding' Resources

20 premium resources created specifically for the 2020 GCSE examination on A Christmas Carol. Well over 100 pages of resources to cover the teaching of the whole book.The resources cover the whole novella and are sharply focused on assessment objectives A01, A02 and A03.

- The 9 Step guide to answering on the novella
- Revision booklet with 25 key short extracts to analyse
- Revision sheets containing key quotes, themes and context points and differentiated revision tasks
- Context match up sheet
- A writing frame for lower ability students
- Scrooge differentiated learning journey
- Exemplar paragraphs
- Sample AQA-style questions
- Partially completed essay plans to finish
- Difficult vocabulary glossary activity
- Carousel activity analysing Scrooge in stave 1
- Carousel activity on key extracts from Stave 2
- Differentiated questions on stave 2
- Differentiated questions on Marley’s ghost
- Which vision in Stave 2 affects Scrooge the most worksheet
- Grade 7/8 full model essay
- Activities with model responses on how Dickens presents ideas about Christmas in Stave 3
- Writing frame for an analysis of the Ignorance and Want extract in Stave 3.
- 40 comprehension questions and 5 essay questions on Stave 3.

By HMBenglishresources1984

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