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Craig Barton
13th May 2019
Image depiciting woman thinking about her Key Stage 3 Key, Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 maths lessons

Plan ahead for the next academic year with these schemes of work, activities and practice questions

With exam preparation finally over, thoughts inevitably turn to planning for the year ahead. To provide some inspiration, I’ve selected a few of my favourite activities and schemes of work, that are bound to help you give your lessons a bit of a spring clean in the coming months.

As always, a big thank you must go to the generous and talented members of the Tes Maths community, whose contributions continue to help make maths lessons across the country stimulating and fun.

Craig Barton

Schemes of work

New Maths GCSE Scheme of Work Grades 1 to 9

This is a scheme of work for starting in the last term of year 9 and going through to year 11.

It has been designed for foundation to higher. The work is divided into 4 ability ranges.

Low Foundation - lowest level work, only found on the foundation paper.
Foundation/Higher Work - Work need to achieve a Grade 4 on foundation and higher
Higher Work - Pushing for higher than a Grade 4/5
Extended Higher - for those pushing for a Grade 8/9

The idea is that one scheme of work allows students not to be pigeon holed too early and allows staff to flex, however staff would also know the key columns they should be completing and what the support and extension work would be.

They grey Extension topics are to stretch the most able from the start. They are not repeated, however the focus is mainly grade 8/9. Staff may choose to cover these instead of other work in Year 11.

I will keep updating this and I hope to add resources as well.

Your comments would be valued.
By rosemaryhobson

GCSE Maths Scheme of Work (New specification 9 - 1) - "Scheme to Grade 5"

"Scheme to Grade 5 - Higher 2 Year" Scheme of Work.

This scheme is suitable for students who will be taking the Higher examination in June 2017 but will struggle to access some of the harder content included in the new specification.

You can find all of the lesson objectives together with full lessons and worksheets to support this course on our website at www.weteachmaths.co.uk

We have also designed schemes of work for:

3 Year Higher and Foundation
2 Year Higher and Foundation

By We Teach Maths.com - FREE Trial weteachmaths.com

Practice questions and assessments

KS2: Maths Worksheets

Worksheet Generators - Bundle

This is a FREE 74 page sample pack of KS2 Maths Worksheets to cover a range of topics, all created using my random worksheet generators…

Every worksheet in the pack has been created using the generators and it represents just a fraction of the sheets that can be generated (there is also more differentiation)! Answer sheets for all sheets are also generated.

Topics covered: Column Addition/Subtraction; Long/Short Multiplication; Short Division (with different divisors and representation of remainders); Fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing, equivalence, simplifying & fractions of numbers); Comparing and Ordering; Times Tables.

Follow these links for the different generators:

Column Addition & Subtraction
Long & Short Multiplication
Short Division
Comparing, Ordering & Rounding
Times Tables

By Andrew Long

Increasingly Difficult Questions - Volume

The Increasingly Difficult Questions are making their way on to the TES!

Low floor, high ceiling tasks with the opportunity for a variety of starting points and a high ceiling. Supporting Material (if applicable) allows for identification of areas for development and greater practise at these questions.

Please leave a review if you like what you’ve downloaded.

By taylorda01

KS3 ASSESMENTS MEP Year 7 Diagnostic Tests

KS3 assessments on:Logic, Place Value, Graphs, Addition and Subtraction of Decimals, Angles, Multiplication of Decimals, Number Patterns and Sequences, Division of Decimals, Areas and Perimeters, Fractions, Data Collection and Presentation, Arithmetic Revision, Searching for Patterns, Time and Timetables, Negative Numbers, Linear Equations, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Quantitative Data, Scale Drawing, Fractions, Probability of One Event, Volume. The tests are differentiated and solutions and mark schemes are provided.

Brockington College Maths homework booklets

All of the homework booklets I design for my Maths department, free and in one place.

Obviously cannot post answers here, but happy for people to email me for them - a DM on twitter with your email address is the best way to get them.

Note there are a few images borrowed from different places. Apologies for any infringement and please just let me know and I am happy to credit or change as required.
By Peter Mattock

Lesson activities

Complete Ratio lessons - Sharing amounts - Bar Modelling method

Complete/whole lesson(s) meant as an introduction to ratio’s for KS2/KS3/KS4 students.
Lesson adapted to incorporate a Bar modelling / Singapore maths style approach to the topic.

Demonstrates a clear method/process which utilises students practicing their numeracy and developing a visual understanding of sharing an amount in a given ratio.

By Nathan Hardee

Investigating Probability Activities KS3 Age11-14

I set up these activities on 5 separate tables, and spilt pupils into groups. Then they had to investigate the games using the 'Game support pack&' as prompts which they needs to fill in. I ran this over two lessons. The online game is on nrich, and you can have one group working at the interactive whiteboard - or there is alternative game. The following two lessons they had to design their own games in groups and provide probability analysis. Please comment on this resource if you use it! Thanks
By vhughes5

Maths Mastery-Types of Number Maze (factors, multiples, primes, squares etc) (Full answers included)

A superb resource covering types of number from HCF and LCM to primes, squares, cubes etc. Students must work out the answers to the statements to find a path across the maze. Excellent for revision and problem solving, the questions get more difficult as you cross the maze to build confidence and increase challenge.
By pbracchi

What Was The Question? 4

This is designed to get students thinking rather than just blindly following a mathematical recipe. There a four sets of 4 problems which all have the same answer (given in the centre of the screen). Each question has a blank for the students to fill in and sometimes there is more than one answer for the blank. This particular one covers fractions, decimals, percentages, sequences, probability, expressions (algebra), quadratics, standard form, indices and other topics. I will be using these as starters to get students thinking.

By alutwyche

Post-16 resources

KS4 preparation for A-level maths

Recommended by TES. This is a set of questions I give to my year 11’s who are planning to do A-level which consists of topics they have met at GCSE and will need for A-level. PLEASE REVIEW / COMMENT.

By kmbheck

A Level Scheme of Work

The A Level Scheme of Work I wrote for the college I work in for the new A-level starting in September 2017. We have three 1hr25min lessons each week. It is laid out such that students can be entered into AS exams at the end of year 1 or the full A-level at the end of year 2. This is for both Maths and Further Maths A Levels with OCR (MEI)
By dhoskin

A-level Core Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS

This set of 9 powerpoints have been designed to match the Edexcel Core Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS textbook (for Further Maths), and have largely been adapted from my previous A-level resources. Every chapter is covered, and within are explanations that could be used to teach lessons or be shared with students via a digital classroom. There are also some Autograph files included - the hyperlinks in the presentations should work if these are placed in the same folder as the powerpoints themselves!

If you liked this resource, then please check out my other resources on TES!


By Owen134866

A Level Maths Assessments - C1-C4, D1, D2, FP1, FP2, M1, M2, S1, S2

This series of A Level assessments and answers covers core maths, decision maths, further pure, mechanics and statistics.

Suitable for AQA, Edexcel and OCR, these comprehensive assessments are perfect for topic tests, homeworks and revision.
By Oxford Secondary

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