Tes Maths ROTW: Number properties ladders

Practise key numeracy skills, such as place value, with this engaging properties ladders activity, recommended by Tes Maths

Craig Barton

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Resource title: Number properties ladders

Resource author: bodmans

What is it?

We all know that recapping key numeracy skills is crucial for consolidating students’ understanding, but having to find engaging ways to practise them can be a struggle. That’s why I love this simple properties ladder activity.

Having generated a four-digit number number using the clever spreadsheet, pupils are tasked with finding a variety of properties, such as the biggest possible total and smallest odd number.

How can it be used?

Suitable for younger learners, this activity works best when part of a weekly routine. As it only takes five minutes to complete, I’d suggest allowing students to talk through their answers once they’ve finished. There are always a couple of controversial questions to discuss!

Once pupils have mastered the worksheet, challenge them further by adding your own questions:

  • What is the largest factor of 3?
  • What is the largest two-digit prime number?
  • What is the smallest multiple of 12?
  • What is the biggest total _ _ -  _ _?
  • What is the biggest total _ x _ _ _?

Indeed, the possibilities are endless!

Craig Barton

Craig is a secondary maths teacher in the North of England.

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