Tes ROTW: Sets and venn diagrams

Craig Barton
10th June 2019



Everything students need to know about Sets and Venn Diagrams packed into this great resource by alutwyche

What is it? 

The idea is simple: students are given an example of every type of question they could be asked on a given topic, from easiest to hardest, presented as blocks on top of each other. 


How can it be used? 

This is an ideal end of topic revision activity for students who have studies sets and Venn diagrams. How high up the set of block can they go? Which question did they find most difficult? The range of questions is excellent.

It could also be used as a homework or even an end of topic assessment. Students could be challenged to create their own to see if they have an appreciation of the full domain of what they have studied. A full set of Building Blocks activities could be bundled together to provide a comprehensive GCSE revision resource. The idea may be simple, but the potential is great!

Thanks for sharing. 

Craig Barton

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