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Arabic Beginning Sound Clip Cards

Arabic Beginning Sound Clip Cards

These Arabic Beginning Sound Clip Cards are a fantastic way for learners to practice their Arabic sounds. This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary development while practicing very important fine motor skills. Students say the name of each picture, and listen for the beginning sound and clip the pictures whose sound corresponds to the alphabet letter in the middle of the card. These cards are great for literacy centers or individual practice. These cards are easy to prep. Just laminate and trim them and they are ready to go! You can even make these cards self-correcting by placing a small sticker on the back of the card for the correct answer.
My First Book of Arabic Phrases  Book 1

My First Book of Arabic Phrases Book 1

Book of Arabic Phrases for reading, colouring and writing. 1. Asking and finding out personal information a. Name? b. Greet c. How are you? d. Where are you from? e. Bye! See you later! 2. Asking about favourite things. a. What’s your favourite colour? b. What’s your favourite animal? 3. Asking, 'How many?' a. How old are you? b. How many sweets? c. How many brothers and sisters do you have?