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Speak, Write and Play In Hebrew - Learning Hebrew Is Fun With This Resource Pack!

Speak, Write and Play In Hebrew - Learning Hebrew Is Fun With This Resource Pack!

Are you learning Hebrew? Are you looking for a fun way to learn Hebrew? I have developed a way to learn different languages based on my experience as an ESL teacher. This pack has 57 different settings for students to talk about in Hebrew. The worksheets themselves are in English and the students do need to translate the places and objects they see into Hebrew. At the end of the session, the students can play a fun game of word bingo to show they have mastered that day's vocabulary. Try it, it is a lot of fun for everyone! * Please note - these resources provide visual prompts, not specific language instruction. Hebrew Bingo pack: This is a simple starter game for students. There are 114 different pictures to choose from. Select a single picture and project the image on the wall or share it with the class as a hand-out. Let's Talk in Hebrew!: This set of cards looks at 57 different settings. The teacher describes something in the top card. The students then use this to model a sentence using the bottom set of pictures. There are lots of things to see and describe in every picture. When the students have completed this task, they can repeat it by working in pairs to discuss each picture. Let's Write in Hebrew pack: There are lots of ways of using this teaching pack. It could be used as writing assessment for students learning Hebrew. The students could write about a topic in Hebrew before and then after a topic, using the second worksheet at the end of the topic.