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Japanese Festivals and Culture

Japanese Festivals and Culture

A cross curriculum resource for Japanese and Social Studies/ Humanities. This assignment includes library (research skills) and discussion with your librarian is recommended and a library lesson (or several) booked. There are several elective topics within the Festivals and Cultural activities to choose from and students can also pick their own useful phrases to include. Teacher notes and an Assessment/marking sheet are included.

By Balance4Life

Learn Japanese With Jokes - sample

Learn Japanese With Jokes - sample

Learn Japanese With Jokes - sample is a sample of the full book, Learn Japanese With Jokes. In the sample there are ten jokes in Japanese together with vocabulary support and English translations. There are lots of different ways you can use them in class:As revision to illustrate a grammar point.Matching exercise - can they match the Japanese jokes with the English translations?Reading practice - short reading in Japanese and they are rewarded with a laugh if they understand it. Shouting dictations.Jigsaw text (cut up a joke line by line, can your pupils put it back together?)As a reward for good work/behaviour.The book has proved very popular with lots of teachers (and pupils). Why not give it a try?

By JeremyTaylor