Secondary science collection

Whether you teach biology, chemistry, physics or all three, we have brought together all things science to create a one-stop space for all your science needs. From GCSE and iGCSE revision booklets. games and practice questions to the science hub and partner collections perfect for secondary and post-16 aged students. 

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GCSE and iGCSE biology revision resources

GCSE/IGCSE biology revision

Get students exam-ready and explore our collection of biology GCSE and iGCSE lessons, games and practice questions.

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GCSE and iGCSE chemistry revision resources

GCSE/IGCSE chemistry resources

Prepare students for GCSE and iGCSE chemistry examinations with this fantastic collection of lessons, games and practice questions.

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GCSE and iGCSE physics revision

GCSE/IGCSE physics revision

Hand-picked lessons, knowledge organisers and revision activities to prepare students for GCSE and iGCSE physics.

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Secondary science hub resources TT

Secondary science hub

Discover a range of science resources that have been selected to aid your teaching of key topics in biology, chemistry and physics.

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Stem resources

Stem teaching ideas

Explore a range of science, technology, engineering and maths activities and worksheets you could use in Stem lessons and clubs.

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IB teaching resources

International Baccalaureate resources

Access thousands of IB teaching resources created by educators and search for jobs around the globe.

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Teacher essentials resources

Teacher essentials

From marking and feedback trackers and templates to behaviour, AFL and starter and plenary resources, we have all the essentials a teacher needs at the click of a button.

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Airbus resources

Airbus foundation

The goal of the Airbus foundation is to use the fascinating power of our industry and its future to inspire our next generation and help them overcome the challenges they will face.

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