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Ancient Olympic Games Work Unit

Ancient Olympic Games Work Unit

Explore the Ancient Greek Olympics in this work unit. It includes an interactive PowerPoint for students to explore along with the accompanying worksheets. Exercises include, information gathering and interpreting, a cloze, crossword and word find, mapping exercise, word maths problems, poem creating, exploration of the Greek Gods, word origins, chariot writing prompt and summary exercises. Contains - 2 booklet options with front page optimised for colour or black and white printing - Interactive Ancient Olympic PowerPoint presentation including general information and specific sports - 12 worksheets including: - Questions for working with the interactive PowerPoint - Mapping exercises - Country profile based on facebook - Cloze - Writing prompt for a recount - Word origins - Math worksheet - Information exploration on a topic through questioning - Match exercise involving information on the Greek Gods - Crossword and Word find - Acrostic poem - Summary worksheet - Worksheet answers