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Booking a Holiday Maths Project Lesson

Booking a Holiday Maths Project Lesson

The task is designed to be an open lesson were students have freedom to choose where they want to go from the destinations. Both if you have time. It is a chance for students to discuss the fundamentals of booking a holiday as well as incorporating maths. Students will feel like they have achieved something even if they do not finish the whole task as each smaller task is designed individually and only impacting the final holiday cost at the end. Tasks included: TASK AND MATHS TOPIC Flights and Accommodation- Reading from a table Vouchers- Percentages Weather- Mean and Range from bar charts Luggage and Weather conversion- Function Machines New York Day trip- Time Planning Florida Day trip- Route Planning Filling in booking form- General Number. (Adding/Dividing/Multiplying) SUITABLE FOR high school lower and higher maths ability. functionals skills.