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'The Mystery of Anastasia Romanov' (Power Point)- Anna Michelle Chapman

'The Mystery of Anastasia Romanov' (Power Point)- Anna Michelle Chapman

‘The Mystery of Anastasia’ (Power Point) tells the story of Anastasia Romanov and her family- Russia’s last monarchy-before the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Communist Block. Following the alleged (and later confirmed) assassination of the final tsar and his wife and children, rumours began to circulate that one or more of the Romanov children may have survived and escaped the Bolsheviks, to live a new life as a commoner. This presentation provides details about Anastasia, her family members, and Anna Anderson-who famously claimed to be the young princess. Further, its narrative is rooted in historical and political context, thus (hopefully) providing an intriguing and personal introduction to the complexities of Russia’s social and political history, as Russia transformed from a rural dynastic sovereignty to an industrial ‘Communist’ state. This resource and others can also be downloaded from my website: [www.annaliteracystuff.com . Anna Michelle Chapman.