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Treble Clef Note Pitch Trainer

Treble Clef Note Pitch Trainer

A resource that has the basic notes of the treble clef, countdown timers and a score card for a competitive edge in your lessons. Suitable for KS2 and KS3 (and KS4 if needs must) after learning the basic notes of the treble clef. This resource is best used as a whole class game. 30 second countdown timers are set so that they run as soon as the student gets the first question right (and you click the plus sign) After that they have 30 seconds to get the highest score they can by telling you which note is being shown on the screen. There are four different sets that can be navigated between within the PowerPoint, this way the students won’t work out the order. Each set has 35 different slides with a new note being displayed each time, if they can get all 35 within the time limit they will get a congratulation slide… plus whatever praise points your school has in place!