Making the most of your Author Dashboard

This video guide will help you to navigate and understand how to use all the tools in your Tes Author Dashboard effectively.

Tes Author Team

Author Dashboard Guide

Please note - this video was accurate as of December 2018. A few small adjustments have been made to the author dashboard since this time.

If you haven't uploaded your first resource you will not have access to the author dashboard yet. Click here to upload your first resource now.


Logging in to your dashboard

When you log in to your Tes account on a fullscreen desktop browser, you’ll find the link for your author dashboard on the left hand navigation. Your author dashboard is effectively your author homepage. From here, you can navigate to all the areas on Tes that you’ll need as an author.

Everything will be positioned differently when you’re using a mobile browser – for full functionality we recommend you use a desktop or laptop.

To start off, we’d recommend bookmarking this page.

On your dashboard you’ll see blue text encouraging you to upload your first resource, if you haven’t done so already. We recommend that you verify your account by opening the email containing the verification button before publishing your first resource. The resource uploader takes you through a step-by-step process with hints and tips along the way, but for further guidance on how to utilise the tools provided, read our blog here

Once you’ve uploaded a resource your Tes author dashboard will change in appearance.


What your dashboard shows you

Activity summary

The top blue bar will show you a summary of all the activity on your account since you became an author including the number of purchases, reviews, views and downloads of your resources.

Your earnings

Below this blue bar you can see how much money you’ve earned in the last month labelled as ‘Your royalty’. You can adjust the time for which this figure is calculated using the drop down calendar.

Next to this is ‘Your balance’ - this is the amount of money currently held in your Tes account. You’ll be able to withdraw this amount once it reaches a minimum of £10 with a maximum of one withdrawal per week. You’ll receive your payment within five to seven working days, outside of holiday periods.

The graph below this shows the number of free downloads you’ve had over the past few months. This can be adjusted to show paid-for resource sales or all downloads combined. As a default, this is set to 6 months and is adjustable to up to 12 months.

Your author tier

The three dark blue boxes below show how your author tier is calculated.

‘Your yearly sales’ shows the amount of money that your sales are worth over the past 365 days. This is before any deductions are made and will be a larger amount than your royalty figure shown above.

‘Your current tier is’ tells you what tier you’re currently on, and is therefore related to the level of royalties you’re receiving for your sales.

‘Your tier next month’ shows you what your tier next month will be if you make no further sales this month. The figure shown underneath informs you of the value of sales you need to make before the end of the month in order to reach the next tier level. You’ll no longer see this figure if you’re in the Gold tier and are unlikely to change to another tier.

More information on royalty tiers can be found by clicking the link shown. For further explanation of these figures, please see the Selling Resources & Being an Author FAQs.

Your most (and least) popular resources

Below this, you’ll see a table showing how popular your resources are, indicating your 3 most and 3 least popular uploads. Consider what is making your top resources popular, and apply these learnings to those that are less popular.

Where your resources have traveled

The map on your dashboard shows you what regions of the world your resources have been downloaded in over the last 30 days. This will help you to understand your audience, where in the world your resources are most popular and potential regions and curriculums you should aim to cater to in the future. Please keep in mind that this data cannot account for users using VPN connections so may show some anomalous results. We must also remind you that, for data protection purposes, the locations shown on the map remain approximate. Due to the amount of data now available, the map will update once per day.


The left-hand navigation bar

Making changes to your uploaded resources

The left hand navigation bar also links to Resource Management, where you can change details and features of your already published resources. Please note, if you list a resource as free to begin with you cannot change it to paid-for unless you create it as a brand new resource.

Creating resource bundles

You can also create bundles of resources in the Resource Management section. This is a way of grouping up to 20 resources together into a single saleable item. For more information on creating bundles, refer to the blog post on How to create resource bundles.

Reading and responding to your resource reviews

In the Reviews tab you can read and respond to the resource reviews you’ve received. We recommend responding to reviews, even if it’s just to say thank you. For more on this, refer to the Answering Reviews blog post.

Your sales record

The Sales tab enables you to keep a record of all the sales you make, including the amount of royalty you earn for each sale.

Setting up promotions

In the My Promotions tab you can temporarily reduce the price of some or all of your resources by up to 25%. To find out more about setting up a sale, refer to the Setting up a sale blog post.

Setting up your shop

Go to the My Shop tab to edit how your shop looks, including changing the banners and featured resources, according to what’s seasonally relevant. People who visit your shop will then be able to clearly see what you want to promote to them.


The Analytics tab gives you more detail about your sales and downloads than the graph on the overview page.

You can read all about the tools in your author dashboard in further detail using the links below and the Selling Resources & Being an Author FAQs.


Useful links

How to create resource bundles

Setting up a sale

Answering Reviews


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