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Scaffolding & Exercise Worksheets For Chinese Beginners

Scaffolding & Exercise Worksheets For Chinese Beginners

Scaffolding &Exercise Worksheets Content included in this bundle:  Greetings你好  Dates & Days of the Week几月几号&星期几  Name 名字  Age 年龄  Grade 年级  Nationality 哪国人  Personal Pronouns 你我她他 Note: I will continue to update and modify this booklet. Please leave comments if there is any improvements you would like to see, I would really appreciate that. Also if you have purchased this bundle and would like a most updated one, feel free to contact me and I am more than happy to share it with you.

By feitiannvh520

National 5 Exam Vocabulary (Collated)

National 5 Exam Vocabulary (Collated)

The sources of this booklet are Intermediate 2 NABs, National 5 Unit Assessment Support Packs, Specimen Question Papers and all the past papers from 2008 to 2015. This collated booklet has 1240 words in total. Chinese, English and Pinyin information is provided for easy revision and import into Quizlet and Memrise. In addition, there is an extra page at the end which helps pupils track their own learning progress as they tackle each topic. Teachers may also use the tracking sheet to check their pupils’ revision. The vocabulary list can be used for teachers to plan S3/S4 lessons so that pupils are better prepared for the National 5 exam. Pupils can also use it as a revision tool in order to systematically study for both internal and external assessments. In addition, teachers may develop classroom activities based on this vocabulary booklet for S1/S2 pupils.

By alanhuang

Chinese Houses

Chinese Houses

A breif introduction to the different kinds of housing found in China with an activity requiring students to create sketches and brief notes on what they have just seen. Images sourced from the internet, not intended for commercial use, no copyright infringement intended.

By linboyuan