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GCSE maths -  bundle

GCSE maths - bundle

Topic covered in the following bundle: Algebra- Substitution, Expanding, forming and solving equations. Shape and Space - Volume, Surface Area, Cones/Spheres/Hemi-Spheres Binomial Distribution Probability Trees and Expected Probability Animated CONSTRUCTIONS PP Cosine and Sine Rule Estimation Angles in polygons Most Resources come with answers making revision session and masterclasses very easy by having something for everyone.

By stefmathssparkle

S1 ALevel summary for CCEA

S1 ALevel summary for CCEA

"cheat sheet" covering all S1 topics for CCEA ALevel. Use for revision classes/exercises as a guide or as a comfort blanket for a class test.

By woodsam

Poisson or Binomial

Poisson or Binomial

11 questions in which students have to decide whether the distribution is Poisson or Binomial. Could be used with mini-whiteboards. The animation reveals the correct answer on each slide.

By mrsmorgan1

Binomial distribution

Binomial distribution

We understand the choice from 2 colors (red or blue) is followed Binomial distribution. The percentage of each color choice is 50 %.

By tulipberry0706