Primary German resources: weather and climate

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Writing challenge: Environment/Exchanges + verb guide

Writing challenge: Environment/Exchanges + verb guide

I created this to surreptitiously get my year 9s to rehash a piece of writing they did in an exam. The task was to write a letter home about their German exchange experience - their German exchange partner is Detlev, whose family are incredibly environmentally friendly (no heating, no electricity(!)). This challenge allows all students to create an end-product by choosing one of the three on offer (article, interview, poster). On the back is a colour-coded guide to verb forms and word order (present tense, modal/future structure, and verb-comma-verb/subordination.

By hasslethehog

German Trip (Rhineland)  Past Tense Writing Frame

German Trip (Rhineland) Past Tense Writing Frame

This is a document I used to help students write about our recent trip to the Rhineland, although it could be adapted for other areas. It could either be used while on the trip to help students write a diary entry each evening, or after the trip. I get them to choose one of the days which they then write up on a post card to send home.

By Vicky79

At the beach German flashcards

At the beach German flashcards

Flashcards with the word in German and English and a picture to help remember it. Great for revision of German beach vocabulary. Could also be cut up and used as a matching game.

By louisehurley20

Das Wetter puzzles German Weather

Das Wetter puzzles German Weather

A fun plenary or starter to practise weather and seasons for GCSE level, for example page 118 in Stimmt AQA GCSE Higher, but can be used with any text book or for revision.

By jusch12

Advent Tree - Echo 2 module 1 and 2 - end of year quiz

Advent Tree - Echo 2 module 1 and 2 - end of year quiz

This would be an excellent end to the year for you and your class. This can be completed as a standalone lesson or worked through gradually in the build up to Christmas. The first slide on the Ppt is a Christmas scene, pupils/teacher click on a number in the scene and complete the challenge as a class. There are 25 activities to complete. Each activity is hyperlinked back to the Christmas scene. Included within the challenges is : a word puzzle of activities in the present tense a speaking frame for activities and seasons a match up activity of weather and seasons a word cloud to translate weather expressions a crossword of countries speaking game - flags of where you were on holiday dialogue to rearrange - holidays in the past tense a speaking frame for holidays and duration grammar table of "wohnen" in the past tense with accommodation match up of times a writing/speaking frame for holidays and description in the past tense noughts and crosses - leisure activities in the past tense crossword - holiday expressions in the past tense a word maze to find 12 food items a match up activity of quantities a speaking frame to order food at the market noughts and crosses - ordering food in a café a writing activity using "kein/keinen/keine" with food a word puzzle to unscramble of what you like doing in the present tense a speaking frame of what you like to do logic game of what you buy in what shop writing puzzle on pocket money reading comprehension on shopping translation exercise on shopping and pocket money The challenges are easy to differentiate and it would also be easy to re-use each od the 25 activities as starters or revision for other lessons.

By rooney33