LKS2 Year 3/4 Six Week unit of work on the Iron Man by Ted Hughes

A 6 week unit of work on Ted Hughes’ Iron Man.
Based on a 4 day week due to one day being blocked off for Guided Reading.

These lessons were designed for a mixed Year 3/4 class.
All resources are either Word doccuments or Flipcharts made for ActivInspire.
In addition to 6 weeks of planning, there are also additional lessons for art and drama; homework for each week and a bottom’s up plan.

Fiction- 4 weeks.
End of unit outcome - Re-write a chapter of the book.
L1: WOW opener- Junk modelling.
L2: WALT: Use our Prediction Skills
L3: WALT: use similes
L4: WALT: write a character description
L5: WALT: Write Complex sentences
L6: WALT: create a wanted poster
L7: WALT: describe a setting
L8: WALT: Write a setting description
L9: WALT: Plan a story
L10: WALT: Innovate a story
L11: WALT: Innovate a story
L12: WALT: Edit a story

Non-fiction - 2 weeks.
End of unit outcome- Write a set of Instructions.
L1: WALT: use persuasive language
L2: WALT: use possessive apostrophes
L3: WALT: use time connectives.
L4: WALT: write a recount
L5: WALT: use alliteration.
L6: WALT: create a menu
L7: WALT: use imperative verbs
L8: WALT: Write instructions

Poetry- 1 week.
End of unit outcome- write a poem including noun-phrases, similes and repititon.
L1: WALT: use expanded noun phrases.
L2: WALT: use similes
L3: WALT: use repitition for effect
L4: WALT: write a descriptive poem.

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  • Day-1-Robot-pictures.docx
  • Day-2-Front-cover-pictures.docx
  • Day-3-IronManPics.doc
  • Day-3-IronManSimileTemplate.doc
  • Day-3-LA-worksheet.docx
  • Chapter-One-Part-Four-Reading-Comprehension-LA.pdf
  • Chapter-One-Part-One-Reading-Comprehension-MA.pdf
  • Chapter-One-Part-Three-Reading-Comprehension-LA.pdf
  • Chapter-One.pptx
  • Imperative-Verbs.pdf
  • Onomatopoeia-LA.pdf
  • Personification-Help-Sheet.pdf
  • Day-4-Iron-Man-Picture.docx
  • Day-4-starter-Matching-Activity.docx
  • Day-5-Character-Description-MA.pdf
  • Day-5-Character-Description.pdf
  • Day-5-Starter.docx
  • Iron-Man-Week-1-3.flipchart
  • Iron-Man-Word-Bank.docx
  • Wanted-poster-template-HA-MA.docx
  • Wanted-poster-template-LA.docx
  • L7-Pictures.docx
  • L8-pictures.docx
  • L9-box-up-plan.docx
  • T3-Iron-Man-Fiction-plan.docx
  • Week-1-Homework.docx
  • Week-2-Homework.docx
  • Week-3-Homework.docx
  • Persuasion-Worksheet.pdf
  • Describing-the-Iron-Man-using-a-possessive-apostrophe.doc
  • L3-Success-criteria.docx
  • L5-tongue-twister-worksheet.docx
  • L5-Tongue-Twisters-example.doc
  • L6-Menu-word-banks.docx
  • Non-fiction-flipchart.flipchart
  • T3-Iron-Man-Non-Fiction-plan.docx
  • Week-4-home-work-HA.pdf
  • Week-4-home-work-LA.pdf.pdf
  • Week-4-home-work-MA.pdf.pdf
  • Week-5-homework.pdf
  • Iron-man-poetry.flipchart
  • T3-Iron-Man-Poetry-plan-docx.docx
  • T3-Iron-Man-Bottoms-up.doc

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