Roman mosaics

Children study Roman mosaics, understanding why, when and how the Romans created these and their significance in Roman society. Using stick-printing techniques, children create their own mosaic pictures, which make a truly impressive display.

- Topic Overview
- Block Overview

- Lesson 01: Exploring mosaics
Looking at examples of Roman mosaics and reading and learning about who had these and what they indicated about the owners place in society.

- Lesson 02: Developing technique
Thinking about printing techniques and practising these as well as investigating further the importance of Roman mosaics to historians.

- Lesson 03: Printing a border
Studying the borders of mosaics, and starting to design a border for their own mosaic.

- Lesson 04: Researching Roman mosaics
Carrying our further research into the different types of Roman mosaic and what they depicted.

- Lesson 05: Printing a central motif
Designing a Roman-style mosaic and using printing techniques practised earlier to create their own mosaic.

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