Year 6 Investigations (White Rose) Set 1 Week 8 -  2018 Football World Cup Themed Resource

This resource contains the first set in a series of 4 sets of resources designed to consolidate some of work undertaken in the White Rose Maths Scheme small steps Year 6 programme. The theme for this investigation resource is the 2018 Football World Cup. This resource is intended for use in week 8 of the Summer Term.

The resource focuses on the following areas of the Year 6 Maths National Curriculum Objectives:

  • Use knowledge of the order of operations to carry out calculations involving the four operations
  • Solve addition and subtraction multistep problems in contexts
  • Solve problems involving the calculation of percentages
  • Construct pie charts and bar graphs</p>

Worksheets and Activities

  • Calculation of the mean age of England’s football squad.
  • Selection of a team from each of the 8 football groups in the World Cup to track performance and complete performance tables.
  • Calculation of percentages on selected statistics of England squad
  • Selection of 5 players from England’s football squad to follow and assess performance in the World Cup.
  • Compilation of data and statistics on players’ performance in tabular form.
  • Pictorial representation of the data in the form of bar charts and pie graphs.
  • Completion of results tables for selected teams and players.</p>

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