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La Guerra Civil (planeando el golpe de estado)

La Guerra Civil (planeando el golpe de estado)

1) Put the conversation in order 2) Put the correct English next to the messages in Spanish. This provides a good timeline for the coup d'etat. The conversations were made by a Spanish newspaper, once I remember I'll put the credit in.
Spain - national anthem

Spain - national anthem

This PowerPoint activity is for Years 7-9 which have Spain as the country they will represent on Sports Day. They will be doing a range of activities in form time, including this quiz, learning about one specific aspect of cultural interest, doing an introduction into the language, listening to the national anthem and perhaps trying to learn a couple of chants. We have 11 form entry so 3 forms have Spain (Y7,8,9) and there are 10 other countries. Could be useful for the World Cup. Video versions of anthem are on YouTube.