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My experiences with Military Life, Defense Contractor positions and the Contractor Lifestyle

My experiences with Military Life, Defense Contractor positions and the Contractor Lifestyle

Old Sarge here with a few words of wisdom. During the past several weeks there has been a drastic increase in violence towards police. As a retired police officer, I am appalled by what I have witnessed. To date it seems that the media as a whole has turned a blind eye towards the actual good that police perform and instead has focused on their own agenda. What about the police officer that digs in his pocket to help someone in need? Not newsworthy. The police officer that pulls a family from a burning building before the fire department arrives? Nope, they don’t make the headlines. The police officer that volunteers their time to assist community development? These things don’t get any published acknowledgment, so it’s like they don’t exist. And this isn’t even the first time in recent memory things went down this path. Let me tell you a story from my life in a blue uniform. In 1992, I was a young Police Sgt responding to a large fight in progress. This was 2 weeks after the riots in Los Angeles that happened in response to the Rodney King verdict. The never ending press coverage showing mob mentality was deeply etched in everyone’s minds. You can reason with an individual but when you get a group together, you get a mob mentality that can’t be reasoned with. I arrived at the scene and found there was a violent mob of approximately 300 people. This was not a mob attacking random individuals though. They werent burning and looting buildings. This was two rival fraternities that decided to have a rumble. They were battering each other with sticks and bats and batons. There were injured and bloody people everywhere.

By stifenstues

Pokémon Go: All About Me Editable Activity

Pokémon Go: All About Me Editable Activity

Capitalize on the Pokémon craze with this fun, engaging icebreaker! This is a no prep required activity - just print, hand it out, and give your kids a great back to school activity to kick off the year. In this task, your students will create a custom Pokémon card that is all about THEM. This will give them the opportunity to tell you about their special talents, goals, and favourite things in life, all while developing their public speaking confidence and creative skills. If you’re familiar with Pokémon, then you know what the cards look like. This activity gives you two options based on these cards: a back-to-back card, or a one page sheet with key details. Full instructions come attached, including instructions on how to download the free 'Pokémon' font. This activity is also bundled as both a PDF and a completely editable version that you can modify to suit any group. Like the sound of this? If you would like more creative ideas and new product updates, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter, and visit us on Facebook to take part in our exclusive giveaways. *************************************************************************** Other Popular Products From Innovative Teaching Ideas - Search for these items on TES Year Long Visual Writing Prompts Fable Power Pack Teaching Digital Technologies and STEM ***************************************************************************** YOUR REVIEWS ARE ESSENTIAL IN KEEPING OUR PRODUCTS LOW PRICED AND REGULARLY UPDATED!!! IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO US!!! PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW

By Innovativeteachingideas

Shhh - What Can You Hear? - poem by Josie Whitehead (ONOMATOPOEIA and SENSES POEM) - KS1 & 2

Shhh - What Can You Hear? - poem by Josie Whitehead (ONOMATOPOEIA and SENSES POEM) - KS1 & 2

1 - Voice Recording by Josie Whitehead, author. This is a fun poem with lots of sounds in it for children to copy. Get them to follow the poem and join in with the sounds. It makes for a wonderful performance poem to learn and perform (without words). 2 - PDF of poem for your classroom screen. 3 - Word document for you to print off. 4 - Metre simply explained. The very long word of onomatopoeia will be so simple when the children hear the animal sounds etc in this poem, and it will just be a fun word for them to learn. The poem is in iambic heptameter, ie 7 iambic feet over 2 lines. PERFORMANCE POEM: This is a fantastic poem for the children to learn as a performance poem and a good follow up poem to my last poem: "Prick Up Your Ears." SKYPE VISIT: Poets, and especially this poet, love the skype visits I make to children's classrooms, and the children enjoy performing my poems for my visit and preparing their questions. With all the different animals etc in this poem, it would be fun if the children made animal masks for their performances. Do tell them of my website as there must be well over 1,350 poems now for them both to listen to and to read on their computers at home, and this is a child-safe website where I don't even have advertisements. I made it especially for the children at the request of the children at my local school who encouraged me to write for them weekly. This is a brand new poem that I've written this evening and I'd love some feedback.

By JosieWhitehead