All the safeguarding tools your school needs

Keeping all your students safe is one of your school’s top priorities, and legal responsibilities. Find out how our safeguarding tools can make it easier.

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For your students to be able to do their best, they need to feel safe and secure in your school.

Safeguarding is not just the responsibility of the designated safeguarding lead (DSL), but of all the adults that students come into contact with, from teaching staff to sports coaches, pastoral staff, your premises team, catering staff and many more. So how do you ensure that everyone has the knowledge and confidence to spot safeguarding issues, and the means to report them quickly to the correct person?

Here's how our safeguarding tools can help.

Train all your staff in safeguarding and duty of care

Our online safeguarding training package, Tes Safeguarding, provides unlimited whole-school access to a wide range of flexible, expert-written courses to help staff expand and strengthen their knowledge in safeguarding, compliance, health and safety, and wellbeing.

You can set mandatory and recommended training for individuals or groups of staff, and also let staff browse the library of courses to find training that suits their needs and interests.

Our robust reporting suite allows you to monitor training and evidence learning to inspectors, giving you peace of mind and demonstrating that your school is compliant with the latest training requirements.

Download our course breakdown to see a full list of the courses available and what they cover.


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Easily report and monitor safeguarding concerns

With our safeguarding reporting software, Safeguard my School, staff can easily report safeguarding concerns in school or at home, with quick, secure access from any computer or mobile device.

All safeguarding information is stored in one, safe and secure online place, allowing DSLs to quickly view and follow up on information supplied by staff, and monitor ongoing issues.

This reduces administration and saves time, ensures compliance with all current legislation, standards and guidance, and provides clear, auditable evidence for inspections.

By generating quick reports about students or safeguarding areas, you can identify patterns and trends and spot safeguarding risks early.

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To find out more about how our safeguarding tools can support your school, get in touch with our experts.


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