Get the most out of your Staff Management Subscription

Our Staff Management Subscription provides a range of software and services to help you recruit, train and retain your staff. Here's our guide to getting the most out of it.

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Our Staff Management Subscription provides your school with access to our online training, staff wellbeing surveys, digital magazine and recruitment services, helping you to prioritise everyone's needs and take a holistic approach to staff management that will help your school flourish.

To help our subscribers get the very most out of this holistic subscription, here's our run through of what's available and how you can access it.

Safeguarding and CPD training

Our Staff Management Subscription provides unlimited whole school access to a wide range of courses on our online training platform, Develop. The courses you can access depend on your subscription package, but staff at all subscriber schools can access a really diverse range of expert-written safeguarding and duty of care training courses, covering everything from Child Protection to Mental Wellbeing.

You can set training, monitor learning and run reports to evidence training by logging in to Develop.

If your school isn't set up on Develop yet, our onboarding team can help you to get started and show you how to use the reporting suite. Just download the set-up template, input your staff’s details and then email it to us.

Staff Pulse wellbeing surveys

Our Staff Management Subscription also provides access to our anonymous staff survey tool so you can give staff a voice and find out how they're feeling through regular, short surveys.

Our guides on how to add your staff and how to set up your first survey will help you to get started, and you can soon be sending surveys, collecting results and implementing action plans!

Tes Magazine

Also included in the subscription is unlimited whole school access to our fully online Tes Magazine, so staff can keep up to date with the latest education news, analysis, and teaching and learning knowledge anytime, anywhere.

To access Tes Magazine, they just need to create an account on using their school email address - this guide shows them how.

Recruitment services

With our recruitment services you can advertise all your roles to the world's largest network of teachers, and manage the entire recruitment process through our applicant tracking system (ATS). To get started, simply log in to Tes Portal. If you're not set up on Tes Portal yet download our guide to get started.

For top tips to make your job adverts stand out from the crowd download, there's help in our free guide How to make your job adverts stand out.

All the information you need to get started with your Staff Management Subscription is also available in our welcome guide.

Not yet a staff management subscriber?

Request a call from our experts to discuss how a subscription can benefit your school.

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