Staff Pulse case study: CIA FIRST International School

High school principal, Aidan Hamill, talks about how insights and feedback from our wellbeing survey tool has helped his school wellbeing strategy.

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Staff Pulse case study

CIA FIRST International School is a large school in Cambodia with over 3,000 students and is continuing to grow. Aidan Hamill, high school principal, explains how they wanted to improve the way they collected, organised and used teacher feedback. It was important for their school leaders to be able to analyse data relevant to their departments and plan accordingly. 

Access real-time data on how staff are feeling

Previously, CIA FIRST used their own system for measuring metrics from staff feedback, which they found wasn’t as in-depth as they needed. In November 2020 they started using Staff Pulse. Ensuring staff responded to the new Staff Pulse surveys was important to Aidan:

“We shared an overview and the reasons behind this new initiative with all staff members. Our main concern about rolling out Staff Pulse to CIA FIRST staff was a low number of responses. Fortunately, staff buy-in was good and has increased since its introduction. The feedback about Staff Pulse has been positive which is great.”

Aidan Hamill, High School Principal at CIA FIRST International School

Track changes and patterns in staff sentiment 

Staff Pulse allowed CIA FIRST to filter answers. As high school principal, Aidan can group all high school teachers’ feedback together and see if there are any trends within responses, he can then take this and use it to help build out next steps and an action plan.

Aidan explains why Staff Pulse has been so important to their school:

“Staff Pulse allows us to track changes, patterns, and analyse data over time.”

Custom questions specific to the school

CIA FIRST have found the custom questions feature very useful as it gives them the ability to add their own questions, personalising the survey to their school and its unique needs. Another feature in Staff Pulse that appealed to Aidan, when he was looking for a product to collate staff feedback, was the ability to respond directly to individual teachers as well as the anonymous feedback. Senior leaders can respond to staff comments within Staff Pulse enabling them to support their staff and staff feel their concerns are being listened to.

Though they have only been using Staff Pulse for less than a year Aidan said:

“Insights and feedback have helped guide areas of our School-wide Action Plan. Overall, the investment in Staff Pulse has been worthwhile.”

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