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Tes Parents' Meetings - Features

Find out about the features available in Tes Parents' Meetings, powered by SchoolCloud, to help you run your parents' meetings easily and efficiently.

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Automatic appointment booking

  • Find the most efficient appointment schedule for parents.

  • Schedule all the required meetings in the shortest amount of time.

Tes parents' meetings features product in use automatic appointment booking

Intelligent appointment management

  • Automatically add sensible gaps between appointments to ensure parents arrive at their next appointment on time.

  • If teachers are booked up, parents can join a waiting list; if a space doesn’t become available, the teacher will be notified to follow up with the parent at a later time. 

Tes parents' meetings features intelligent appointment management

Simple video meetings

  • Meet remotely via secure video call.

  • Ensure conversations are private and convenient for everyone.

  • Nothing to download or install, as calls are made directly from the web browser.

  • Log on from anywhere in the world, easily and securely 

Tes parents' meetings features simple video meetings

Easy management of staff time

  • Teachers can be substituted for specific classes or individual classes can be disabled.

  • For classes taught by multiple teachers, you can specify which teachers are involved, as well as if parents will book one appointment with all the teachers at the same time, or if they can book each teacher separately.

  • Primary schools can have parents book with their child’s class teacher and easily add any other teachers, such as maths, music, SENCO or the headteacher.

  • Secondary schools can have subject teachers, form tutors and/or any other teacher, bookable on different evenings if required.

Tes parents' meetings features easy engagement of staff time

Integration and single sign-on

  • Easy to set up and integrates effortlessly with all the major school management systems, which means your teachers, students, parents and classes will be synced straight away.

  • Single sign-on for parents and teachers, making the process simple and quick.

  • For schools, it integrates with SIMS, iSAMS, Integris, ScholarPack, WCBS, Pupil Asset, Arbor, Bromcom, Facility, Progresso and SEEMiS.

  • Single sign on is supported for parents using iSAMS PArent Portal, Pupil Asset and ManageBack.

Tes parents' meetings features product in use integration and single sign on

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