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This lesson links to a video describing the events of Kristallnacht. Pupils will use this resource to create notes and use these to report on the events. Challenge questions are included throughout and higher skills are encouraged through the perspectives of the report.
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Worksheet to use when looking at the run up to the holocaust - kristallnacht. Pupils will have already looked at Nuremberg laws in context of prejudice and discrimianation and now looking at what happened on this night. There is space on the sheet to describe what happened and why. You can also get a lot of AT2 from this if you discuss how it would have felt to be Jewish during this time.
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This lesson focuses on developing students knowledge of the events and then consider the possibility that the Nazis manipulated the events in order to punish the Jews
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Nuremberg Laws and Kristallnacht

This is the twenty-second lesson I have created for the AQA 9-1 GCSE on Germany 1890-1945: Democracy and Dictatorship. In this lesson, I have focused on enquiry based learning skills with specific exam questions in mind which the AQA exam board use. Therefore the emphasis is on examination skills and the AQA Assessment Objectives as well as the specific subject content. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 and Kristallnacht in1938 are two significant events sometimes overlooked when students write about Nazi policies towards the Jews in Germany as they focus on the events after 1939 only. Therefore this lesson examines these two events in detail; what were the Nuremberg Laws, why were they introduced and in which order did policies towards the Jews change after these laws were introduced. Moreover was Krystallnacht a spontaneous or well planned atrocity led by the Nazis? A car number plate activity assesses understanding before the students plan an examination question for GCSE exam practice. There are some great video links to help the learning as well. The resource includes suggested teaching strategies and differentiated materials and comes in PDF and Powerpoint formats if there is a wish to adapt and change. If you like this resource, please visit my shop where I have created further resources and bundles for Germany 1890-1945 which can be found here: I have also created a full revision guide for the AQA GCSE 9-1 Germany 1890-1945 which has been given two 5 star ratings which can be found here: There are also further revision materials to complement the lessons which include a Germany 1890-1945 Summary Revision Guide and Flashcards which can be found at my shop here:
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Germany GCSE History – Kristallnacht

Germany GCSE History – Kristallnacht This is one of many lessons that I have uploaded on the history of Germany for GCSE pupils. All of the lessons can be taught together, but each covers a topic so can also be picked up separately. For ease of locating, the title stem is the same: 'Germany GCSE History -'. This is a full PowerPoint lesson, ready to teach, and any relevant resources are also uploaded with it. This lesson’s LO: To be able to describe Kristallnacht using accurate detail
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Kristallnacht sources

A double sided A4 sheet of primary sources describing Kristallnacht. I used this to enable Year 9 students to produce a newspaper article describing the night's events. ***If you have bought my Holocaust SoW do not buy this sheet you already have it!***
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Kristallnacht Study Notes

A super accessible and easy to use set of study notes on Kristallnacht, for GCSE and A level, featuring: The long term causes of the anti Jewish pogrom and the aims of the Nazis. Details on the Aryanization of Jewish businesses Responses of ordinary Germans to the attack.
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Newspaper report analysis of Kristallnacht

2 separate newspaper reports on the events of Kristallnacht - one British and one Nazi to compare and contrast interpreations of a key turning point in the increased Nazi persecution of the Jews
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Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass

This resource explores the Nazi attack on Jewish Businesses, homes and Synagogues in November 1938, known as Kristallnacht. The resource is intended for GCSE Students studying Germany 1919 - 1945 and is aimed at providing students with some facts, but also using a range of primary and secondary sources to reach their own conclusions. A PowerPoint presentation guides students through the events leading up to Kristallnacht, the events of November 9th/10th and the aftermath. A worksheet asks students to analyse a number of sources relating to the event and to use these sources and the knowledge they have acquired to draw their own conclusions as to who was responsible for Kristallnacht.
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Kristallnacht - An illustrated Guide and Quiz

Kristallnacht - An illustrated Guide and Quiz Great Guide to Kristallnacht With very clear images/maps/sources. Can be used as a 20 question quiz by removing the red words - or in pairs where a partner described the red word to their neighbour. With links for 2 videos Also includes word search and graphic organizers
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Kristallnacht - Who is Responsible?

Class activity that gets pupils to analyse sources concerning the responsibility for Kristallnacht. Clear learning Objectives. Information packs which include the sources and an analysis table are included. Plenary - pupils have to give reasons why they made a certain judgment as to who is responsible for Kristallnacht.