Spanish Alevel - Presente y Preterito - El juego de la OcaQuick View

Spanish Alevel - Presente y Preterito - El juego de la Oca

Alevel game boards for the present and the preterite tenses. It includes all categories of irregulars. When students fall in a square with 2 or 3 verbs, they conjugate the verbs given (Yo canto, tú cantas...). If they fall in an orange square, that is a speaking questions and they speak for a minute. For the rest of La Oca rules, you will find a slide with the explanations.

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Preguntas orales para Spanish Year 1 (AQA)_Bank of prompting questions and adviceQuick View

Preguntas orales para Spanish Year 1 (AQA)_Bank of prompting questions and advice

¡Al fin acabé! I have finally finished putting together oral questions to practice for the speaking. This is a 26 pages booklet with a few hundred questions that students can use to practice but also to research some topic areas. First couple of pages also include info about the oral examination and some tips. And then, there is a bank of idioms that students can use with translations and examples of the idioms so that they can see how they would be used. They are all grouped per topic but can be used for lots of other topics.

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Spanish Subjunctive Booklet for AlevelQuick View

Spanish Subjunctive Booklet for Alevel

This booklet is a 22 pages booklet that includes the regular and irregulars that students could have to face using the mnemonics WEIRDO and DISHES. It also includes the subjunctive stem changing verbs, verbs that have a spelling change and IR verbs. Preview does not show much of it but there is plenty of practice. You will also be able to find the Juanes song, A Dios le pido and conjunctions that need the subjunctive. The practice that students have in this booklet includes verb drills for regular and irregular verbs, gapfills (AS style) and translations. Also attached the power point with the Subjunctive Phrases you can find in the booklet and the answer to those match ups. Power point comes with two plenaries: a heads and tails and a Twitter one.

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Alfombrilla del Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Lab mat)Quick View

Alfombrilla del Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Lab mat)

Aquí os dejo una "mat" que he hecho para los alumnos de AS que ya pronto tienen su examen. También puede servir para los de A2. Incluye: - citas de los personajes - if clauses - por / para - idioms - sequencing words - gustar verbs Por detrás he incluido las conjugaciones del indicativo y el presente / imperfecto de subjuntivo.

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Spanish AS Paper 2 (Writing) x 3 (Pan's Lab) with answers for the translationsQuick View

Spanish AS Paper 2 (Writing) x 3 (Pan's Lab) with answers for the translations

I have put together 3 written mock papers for my students who have studied Pan's Lab. They include 3 translation exercises following the AQA structure of the specification paper they have provided. 3 Pan's Lab papers. Mark scheme for the translations and the translation grid to convert it into marks. If you like it, please leave a review :)

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El laberinto del FaunoQuick View

El laberinto del Fauno

Varied worksheets on the topic of Pan's Lab that include activities about the director, Devil's Backbone, themes, symbols, references to other stories, characters, a gameboard and some questions for the oral. I have also included the cover of the booklet that my students have. I added the pdf documents and also the word documents for other teachers to adapt if wanted.

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Spanish AS: Carrousels and Knowledge organisers for festivals, gender's equality and heritage.Quick View

Spanish AS: Carrousels and Knowledge organisers for festivals, gender's equality and heritage.

This resource are 3 carrousel activities that you can use in class or for homework. We used them to research some aspects of some of the topics in Year 1. For example, for the gender's equality one, I divided the class into 5 groups and every group had to use the internet to research their topic. I gave them 2 lessons and then in the third one they had to share with the class what they had learnt and teach the others. For the festivals one I also got them to work in groups and then share the ideas. Finally, for the heritage one (which includes famous painters, architects and musicians) they had to reaseach for every lesson 2 people and make some notes. I used this resource as independent learning and they had to do it as part of the homework I gave them. By the end of the unit, they had researched them all and they were able to broaden their knowledge of the culture. I put together teacher versions for 2 of these 3 aspects (festivals and gender's equality) since they were class activities and I wanted to give them extra information.

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El laberinto del Fauno - Essay titles Booklet and A3 Essay draft plannerQuick View

El laberinto del Fauno - Essay titles Booklet and A3 Essay draft planner

This booklet includes the AQA mark scheme, a quotes exercise, 11 essay exercises that come with bullet points and 8 essay titles without a bullet point. I added as well for my students essay phrases so that they can have it all in one place. The A3 planner is basically a sheet that we use when writing an essay in class or that students can use at home to structure their essays a bit more. I added some teacher feedback points that I normally highlight so that students see what they have to amend, change or add. I had the feeling that I was always writing the same things regarding the stucture and this teacher feedback box makes the marking a bit quicklier. Regarding the accuracy and errors I tend to use a blue highlighter for the errors that I think that they can correct themselves. Then, next lesson, they have to show me their corrections. If the structure is not quite what they need, I tend to ask them to staple a cue card and write down one of the paragraphs again following the feedback I give them.

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Spanish Alevel PackQuick View

Spanish Alevel Pack

This bundle would suit teachers using Pan's Lab and La Casa de Bernarda Alba.

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Connectives treasure hunt (Spanish Y7)Quick View

Connectives treasure hunt (Spanish Y7)

This games is a treasure hunt that you can use to promote the use of connectives and some opinions in any paragraphs they have recently prepared. It can be used as a starter or plenary. Print and cut (or laminate) the big bubble speaches that are in Spanish and hide them around the class before students arrive. On the projector, have the slide of the pirate surrounded by all bubble speeches (which are in English). Students have to find the Spanish and match it up on the projector to the English one (you can get them to use blue tag) After this activity, you can get them to look at the paragraphs that they recently did for you and ask them to try to squeeze in as many of these phrases as possible.

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Spanish GCSE - El medioambiente_Desastres y catástrofesQuick View

Spanish GCSE - El medioambiente_Desastres y catástrofes

This resource includes 4 articles that talk about 4 different catastrophes that have had an impact on the environment (Prestige, Fukushima, Eyjafjallajökull and the Thailand Tsunami). You can use it as a carrousel activity and get every group to read a different text and then complete the sheet. I have also included 2 speaking games (hundir la flota), 2 Angry Verbs (future and perfect tense) and 1 Ruleta de la fortuna game.

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AS Grammar GameboardQuick View

AS Grammar Gameboard

This resource is a gameboard for the end of the year for AS students or for the beginning of the year for A2 students. The aim is to revise grammar and practise a bit the speaking. Students work in pairs or in groups and roll the dice to get to the FIN square. If the get a 6 when rolling the dice, they stay where they are and have to say 6 connectives. One person in the group writes the connectives that are being said down so that they avoid repeating them. This will force them to think about more connectives.

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La inmigración - Lista de vocabulario (new curriculum)Quick View

La inmigración - Lista de vocabulario (new curriculum)

These are the vocabulary lists that my students will use for the new A2 curriculum. The three new subtopics are included (beneficios y aspectos negativos, el mundo hispánico y los problemas de los indocumentados). I have also added the vocab tests I will do at the end of the unit. Memrise courses are provided as well and they match the glossaries:)

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French GCSE - L'environnement Carrousel activitiesQuick View

French GCSE - L'environnement Carrousel activities

This resource includes: -a match up activity in which students have to match up key infinitives that can be used as a starter. -a card sort game (differentiated for Low and High Ability students) -a carrousel reading activity with 4 different texts. You can group students and each group can read a different text. -a glossary worksheet to complete by students and another one that comes already completed. -a plenary activity using Twitter. These resources can take 2 or 3 lessons to complete.

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En el restaurante: Menús de países hispanohablantes (Year 7)Quick View

En el restaurante: Menús de países hispanohablantes (Year 7)

This resource is a market place activity in which students have to work in groups in a carrousel style. Every group has the vocab sheet to gather vocab and create their own glossary plus a reading comprehension sheet to fill in whilst they have the menu. It is important that students divide the work up: some can look up the vocabulary whilst the others can answer the questions. Or, they could all spend some minutes looking up the words first and then answering the questions. You can use the stopwatch website and its timers so that students can see how much time they have left. The aim is that they read the menus and that they get to learn about other countries and their famous dishes whilst consolidating some of the Food vocab they learnt in previous lessons. There are menus for a Basque restaurant, a Catalan restaurant, a Mexican restaurant and the last one is a menu from Costa Rica. This activity takes up the whole hour (if you get every group to look at 2 menus) and I used it at the end of the Food Unit. You can also use the menus for Role Plays the next lesson. If your groups do 2 menus then you can get your students to talk to the rest about the food they learnt that people eat in those countries. I used this activity with a Y7 class and it worked very well. Students were engaged and they loved the role plays we did the following lesson. As a follow up activity you could ask them to design their own menus of other Spanish speaking countries. They could use the computers to do some research and then do their designs.

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Spanish A2  Grammar Booklet & Handbook (for AQA New curriculum)Quick View

Spanish A2 Grammar Booklet & Handbook (for AQA New curriculum)

This is a Grammar Booklet for the new A2 curriculum starting in September 2017. Over the last couple of months, I have been adapting the old student & grammar booklet that I use with my old A2 curriculum so that I can carry on using it with the new A2 syllabus. My students find this booklet useful and I am sure the new A2 students will like it too! It comes with: - lots of translation exercises - AS tenses revision translation exercises - perfect subjunctive tenses (perfect and pluperfect) - if clauses - passives - verbs that are followed by a preposition (casarse con, empezar a...) - false friends - idioms & phrases for the speaking - I also added the AQA mark schemes for the Speaking and the Writing and information about the different papers. - there are also some essay titles for La casa de Bernarda Alba and El Laberinto del Fauno (can be adapted to the film and book you do). - Answers! This booklet is 87 pages so you can imgine all the stuff I have added :) To use the word document there are a few fonts you will need so that you can see everything in place: - coming soon ( - veggieburgger ( - komika display ( - helsinki ( Please leave some feedback :) Would like to know what other teachers think of it! So leave some feedback please :)

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Spanish Alevel - Revision verb matsQuick View

Spanish Alevel - Revision verb mats

Includes: Present Tense Mat with all irregulars Preterite Tense Mat with all irregulars FutureTenses Mat with all irregulars PerfectTenses Mats with all irregulars Subjunctive & Imperfect Subjunctive mats

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