OCR Sport Studies Knowledge OrganisersQuick View

OCR Sport Studies Knowledge Organisers

OCR Sport Studies (Cambridge National) - Knowledge Organisers Pack includes knowledge organisers for the following unit: R051 Contemporary issues in sport R052 Developing sport skills R053 Sports leadership R054 Sport and the media
Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP) - OCR GCSE PEQuick View

Analysing and Evaluating Performance (AEP) - OCR GCSE PE

This is Level 5 example of an AEP in football. We implemented the example around the specification and OCR examplar documents. Our students have been able to see the top band example and apply to their chosen activity. Analysis- evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of their own fitness accurately, using appropriate tests for each component of fitness= level 5 Overview - produces a fully justified analysis of the importance of the different components of fitness for football = level 5 Assessment - gives an accurate overview of all of the key skills required for football = level 5 Movement analysis - gives an accurate and thorough assessment of own strengths and weaknesses for football =* Level 5* Action plan - A detailed and accurate action plan = Level 5 ** Best fit** =* Level 5*
GCSE OCR PE Paper 1 Revision CardsQuick View

GCSE OCR PE Paper 1 Revision Cards

These revision cards are ideal for Year 11’s in the run up to their GCSE OCR PE exam. They are blazer pocket sized and can be used ‘on the go’ as well as in lessons where students can test each other in the lead up to their exam. The pack contains A6 revision cards based on Paper 1. Topics covered include: • Skeletal System • Muscular System • Planes, Levers and Axis • Cardiovascular System • Respiratory System • Effects of Exercise • Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise • Components of Fitness • Principles of Training • Types of Training • Risk and Injury Please leave a review and your email address to receive a free set of flash cards to also aid revision.
New OCR GCSE PE Revision - PE ChallengeQuick View

New OCR GCSE PE Revision - PE Challenge

These have been fantastic revision resources. It is a memory challenge that you can use as a revision starter in your lessons. I repeat it regularly and students showed improvement each time. I found a direct correlation between achievement in the exam and their ability to get high marks on this challenge. In addition it was our cohorts favourite resource to use for last minute revision as it is a single sheet with all the main key words on it. You can make it a competition in class to get the highest score or make it timed.
OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science - R045 Sports Nutrition BundleQuick View

OCR Cambridge National in Sport Science - R045 Sports Nutrition Bundle

3 Resources
Cambridge National in Sport - Sport Science R045 - Sports Nutrition Bundle Includes: A work booklet for student to fill in A revision guide to help fill in the work booklet A writing template to help write assignments All follows the scheme of work Revision tick lists to ensure full understanding Concise resources that will allow easier writing of the assignments and reinforce learning This will make easy work of writing the assignments
OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies Unit RO51 Learning MatsQuick View

OCR Cambridge National Sports Studies Unit RO51 Learning Mats

A fantastic resource that includes Learning Mats for LO1-LO4 on the OCR Cambridge National Sport Course. All topics are covered in this interactive mat where students complete Tasks 1-3 (assisted by differentiated ‘clue’ sections) and are then tested on the LO with exam questions from past papers on the right hand side of the document. Extension tasks are also available on each mat with questions and tasks designed to make it easily accessible for all ability levels. The page is set to A3 so students can take them home upon completion and use for revision purposes. It worked very well as a class competition where students had the challenge to get to Learning Mat 4 by the end of the lesson. Also as very good resource for group work in pairs.
OCR Cambridge National Sport Science - Unit R042 Teaching BundleQuick View

OCR Cambridge National Sport Science - Unit R042 Teaching Bundle

Inside this bundle is a full unit of powerpoints, booklets, resources, activities, worksheets, quizzes and coursework support sheets that I created whilst leading on this unit. I have included 23 different resources in this bundle which will enable you to deliver this qualification without the painful hours of planning and prep time! Each powerpoint is interactive and engaging for students and makes the content as accessible as possible for weaker members of the class. I have also provided work and support sheets for each assessment which helped my students when completing their coursework.
OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies  R052 RO52Quick View

OCR Cambridge National Sport Studies R052 RO52

My department is new to delivering this course so I have created all of these from scratch. There are a mixture of resources that can help with the practical performance unit both in the classroom and during practical sessions. So far since we have focussed on Badminton and Volleyball as an individual and team sport and used basketball as a sport to teach officiating. There are some worksheets, PPs to support lessons, some practical log sheets that can help both the student to keep a track of their own learning and can allow teachers to feedback whilst also making sure pupils respond to feedback. I have included differentiated worksheets and a template for students to complete LO4 task. I have included a possible assessment plan that you could use for the unit for the year and a class tracker with some simple formatting to calculate/predict final grades (see tabs along the bottom for grading guidance). If you these resources are popular I will add more as we go through the year. Please get in touch if there is something specific needed. Cheers! Liam
OCR GCSE - Principles of Training QuizQuick View

OCR GCSE - Principles of Training Quiz

This quiz is very similar to my other resource for the components of fitness. In this activity the students pick a shape and it takes them to a question - they then have to answer the question given to them. This can be done individually, in pairs or in teams and works really well as a starter or plenary activity for this topic. I have found that PE students also enjoy the competitive nature of the game! I’ve also found it to be a useful informal assessment method for gauging understanding of this topic.
OCR GCSE PE new spec (2016) Topic on a page mindmapsQuick View

OCR GCSE PE new spec (2016) Topic on a page mindmaps

**NEW** This resource has been designed for the new OCR GCSE PE specification to be taught in September 2016! It includes every topic area condensed to one page for students to use as a recap aid or revision tool. Bright and colourful students and teachers will find these worksheets really useful. Save yourself hours of planning and creating by using these ready to go worksheets covering ALL topic areas on the new specification.
OCR Sport Studies trackerQuick View

OCR Sport Studies tracker

Please find an OCR Sport studies tracker, Sheet one allows you to analyse overall questions and Learning Objectives based on last years exam. Sheet 2 allows you to calculate estimated overall grades against the OCR marks. I have used for a number of years and for many different subject areas, and i find it a good tool to use.
OCR GCSE PE: RevisionQuick View

OCR GCSE PE: Revision

The tracker page is a simple one page document that summarises the OCR GCSE PE written examination topics. It can be used by teachers to track and monitor students lesson notes and revision of the course. There are also some sample PowerPoint slides included.