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EYFS Maths

A collection of fun, EYFS KS1 number activities to aid digit recognition, counting and numicon addition / subtraction. Perfect for home learning, this pack provides beginner friendly examples to aid parents who are instructing for the first time at home. I have created and used these activities with my daughter in a home learning context. Ideally, parents would be advised to invest in their own numicon set, however, as this is not always possible a numicon print out has been included in the pack along with basic instructions for addition and subtraction. Included activities Number / numicon recognition jigsaw Number / numicon domino gameboard How many acorns? Counting activity Numicon addition Numicon subtraction One more spot worksheets One more, one less worksheets Number bonds to 10 worksheets 10 frames - addition Simple addition Ordering numbers Continuing a pattern (images) Continuing a pattern (2d shapes) Shape sort - name (2d) Shape sort - number of sides Shape sort - number of vertices I spy - counting 2d shapes Pictogram - 2d shapes Colour by number - identifying number on a die Please note, I am adding to this pack of resources daily, as I create more content to use at home. Anyone who purchases early will be able to download newer material as it is added at no extra cost. Any schools that purchase this resource pack are permitted to redistribute the file to parents via email or a home learning platform e.g. Seesaw / Tapestry.
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Careers in Maths

Ideal for getting KS4 sparked up for studying Maths, or as a Tutor time or PSHE resource that explores careers choices in Mathematics. Jobs involving Maths students usually get stereotyped, but we explore the wide range of employment opportunities available to students who love the subject and plan to take their studies of Maths and Statistics forward into the rest of their lives. Includes differentiated and engaging activities to help students learn about the different types of jobs available, the different skills involved and to support them in reflecting on their areas or strength and areas to improve. Check out our English Shop for loads more free and inexpensive KS3, KS4, KS5, Literacy and whole school resources. AQA English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 Knowledge Organisers AQA English Language Paper 1 Section A package AQA English Language Paper 1 Sections A and B package AQA English Language Paper 1 package AQA English Language Paper 2 Question 5 package AQA English Language Paper 1 Question 5 package AQA English Language Paper 2 Section A package AQA English Language and English Literature revision package An Inspector Calls whole scheme package An Inspector Calls revision package Macbeth whole scheme package Macbeth revision package A Christmas Carol whole scheme package A Christmas Carol revision package Jekyll and Hyde whole scheme package Jekyll and Hyde revision package Romeo and Juliet whole scheme package Power and Conflict poetry comparing poems package Power and Conflict poetry whole scheme package Love and Relationships poetry whole scheme package Unseen Poetry whole scheme package Or check out some Citizenship GCSE, RE, PSHE + RSE resources at EC Resources
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Maths in Geography

100 maths questions you may find in geography covering the different types of graphs, averages and percentage changes.
Core Maths Edexcel 'Maths in Context'Quick View

Core Maths Edexcel 'Maths in Context'

This 39-page booklet provides complete notes and examples to support students working towards the Edexcel ‘Maths in Context’ Core Maths qualification. The content is mapped to the official Edexcel specification, with each learning objective clearly signposted. The booklet can be used by students as a companion to their course and it also provides an excellent revision resource for the run-up to the exam. The sections in the booklet are: Applications of Statistics, Probability, Linear Programming and Sequences and Growth. Notes and examples are given for each mathematical concept with numerous graphs and diagrams. The booklet is provided in both PDF and Word formats so that it can be edited if you wish.
Love of Maths Pure Maths GuideQuick View

Love of Maths Pure Maths Guide

A pure mathematics digital learning resource for A Level and AS students and teachers published by Love of Maths Ltd. Thirteen chapters covering topics from Trigonometry to Calculus, filled with worked examples and extensive practice questions – developed through over 35 years of teaching and Oxbridge tutoring experience. The love of maths pure maths guide is an extended digital learning resource for A Level and AS students and teachers – developed through over 35 years of teaching and Oxbridge tutoring experience. The love of maths eBook, available as a whole or in 13 individual chapters, is a culmination of 10 year’s work. It covers the pure mathematics topics required for the first year of A Level or AS level syllabus; introducing the challenging principles and concepts to develop a more rigorous mindset as a step up from GCSE and a foundation for further learning. This 1,000+ page electronic resource, best accessed via a PC or tablet, offers considerably more learning materials than a standard-length textbook. Set out in bite-sized chunks, each page in the electronic format contains a single new concept. Each of the 13 chapters deals with a single area of the maths syllabus, any part of which can be printed out and used independently. Each chapter is filled with worked examples and tried and tested explanations, as well as offering extensive practice questions for teachers to utilise in class, for homework setting, or indeed for self-guided learning. After each new technique there is a short self-test to ensure it has been understood. The love of maths eBook is also peppered with additional facts and points of interest and reflects a genuine love of the subject throughout. Features: – Purchase and download thirteen individual chapters or all chapters together as one eBook – Chapters cover stand-alone pure mathematics topics from Trigonometry to Calculus – Each chapter is broken down into manageable sections filled with worked examples and extensive practice questions – When purchasing the eBook as a whole, hyperlinks in each chapter connect to relevant sections in other chapters – Materials have been developed through over 35 years of teaching and Oxbridge tutoring experience
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Maths Escape Room

Maths escape room which helps students to reflect on key terms and concepts for their GCSE papers and includes different activities for AQA, OCR and Edexcel. Unlike other escape room lessons, this is both fun and challenging, so that students build on their subject knowledge and reflect on their revision needs and requirements. Students solve puzzles in order to recap key terminology and areas of the exam papers. Really useful for those back to school lessons too. Check out our Shop for loads more free and inexpensive KS3, KS4, KS5, Tutor Time and Core subject resources. Or check out some Citizenship GCSE, RE, Careers, PSHE + RSE resources at EC Resources
Year 8 Maths bookletQuick View

Year 8 Maths booklet

A workbook that teaches you as you work through it. This workbook can be completed on their own or with as much help as they need. It is colour coded to make it easy to understand and prevent boredom. Workbook contains: Fractions- adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.
Maths Report CommentsQuick View

Maths Report Comments

Create your primary maths reports quickly using these 280 differentiated maths report comments for KS2. The subject of maths is broken down into 7 skill sections, relevant for all year groups, with 4 ability groups provided. Use the girl and boy versions to save time, just quickly choose the right comments to suit each child. There are enough comments to create different personalised paragraphs of comments for at least a whole class of 30 children. High Quality Written for the whole of KS2 focusing on learning aptitudes and the general areas of maths. Some spaces are left for you to add some relevant objectives for your year group. These are perfect for years 3, 4, 5 and 6 as they cover: Attitude Mathematical concepts Lesson content Operations and calculations Mental strategies Reasoning Problem Solving Understanding, explaining and checking solutions Strengths and Assessments Presentation Targets Differentiated Maths report comment banks for four different ability groups are provided with at least 70 comments in each, so a minimum of 280 different statements for your reports. Easy to Use They all come in a girl and a boy version saving you having to change any pronouns. All names are shown with 3 stars so you just have to find and replace, to insert names. Save Time Teaching is busy enough without report writing as well, save time whilst doing a good job. Easily copy and paste these thoughtful comments to create personalised and admired reports. Also… Check out these other handy end of year resources: General Report Comments 320 English Report Comments Geography Report Comments
GCSE Maths Formula PostersQuick View

GCSE Maths Formula Posters

GCSE Maths Formula Posters for classroom displays. Pastel multi-coloured style, currently set on A4 but can be blown up to A3 or shrunk down to A5 depending on what fits better.
Entry Level Maths for EdexcelQuick View

Entry Level Maths for Edexcel

This is the new Entry Level Maths Student Scheme of Work for use with the Edexcel Course. Each student can track their progress throughout the course. It is broken down into guidance steps for what is required for each objective. There is space to RAG rate and space to put progression arrows if a student starts on red and progresses to amber etc…
Year 2 Maths MeetingsQuick View

Year 2 Maths Meetings

A collection of five Maths Meetings, aimed at Year 2 pupils. These Maths Meetings have been designed to keep significant Year 2 mathematical concepts ticking over and may be used as a Mental Maths session.
Maths Bingo - The Ultimate CollectionQuick View

Maths Bingo - The Ultimate Collection

This resource contains a collection of 15 Maths Bingo Powerpoints. Each Powerpoint contains an associated set of bingo sheets that are to be printed. The bingo sheets contain 32 different bingo sheets which contain 16 of the 17 answers on the Powerpoint. This stops the issue of pupils trying to cheat by changing answers as the teacher can cross reference against the master sheet which states the order the answers appear. The collection contains Bingo on the following Mathematics topics: Adding and subtracting negative numbers Addition and subtraction Algebra Area and perimeter Averages Converting to decimals Fractions of amounts Indices Multiplying decimals Percentages Primes,Multiples and Factors Rounding Sequences Shapes Squares,Cubes and Roots Each of the bingo examples contains differentiated questions and will be extremely popular with students as a reward or revision activity.
Tokyo Olympics MathsQuick View

Tokyo Olympics Maths

Tokyo Olympics Maths This resource is perfect for the Olympics, Sports Day, Medal Ceremony, Japan and Tokyo, Gold Silver and Bronze Themed Maths Worksheets. Competition, first, second, third sports events. This resource has 6 colour posters, but they would work just as well printed in black and white. There are 8 worksheets, with over 60 questions in total. ✎ Contents: This resource includes: • 6 mini posters/information fact sheets on Olympic Medals and the Tokyo Olympics. • Worksheet 1 – 12 questions on the Olympic Medal Specifications. • Worksheet 2 – Accurate drawing of a minimum size medal. • Worksheet 3 – 12 questions on the Tokyo Medal Designs • Worksheet 4 – Accurate drawing of a Tokyo medal. • Worksheet 5 – 12 questions on the Tokyo Olympics Facts & Figures. • Worksheet 6 – Design your own medal. • Worksheet 7 – 12 questions on Olympic Gold Medal Winners. • Worksheet 8 – 12 questions on the Rio Olympic Medal Statistics. • Teachers notes. • All answers. ✦ Objectives: To practice: - • Reading and extracting relevant information. • Word problems. • Using compasses to draw circles accurately. • Knowledge of circle parts - radius, diameter, circumference, area. • Finding the circumference of a circle. • Finding the area of a circle. • Finding the volume of a cylinder. • Finding the surface area of a cylinder. • Using metric measures. • Converting measures using cm, mm, kg and grams. • Percentages • Ratios • Averages, mode, median, mean and range. • Money • Fractions • Speed, distance, time. ✽ Directions: Print out the 6 mini posters/fact sheets. Students will use the information to answer the questions on the worksheets. Use the “Fit to page” option on your printer and choose to print in black and white if you don’t want to use color. Print out a set of worksheets for each student. You could make a display in your classroom with the mini posters and the students own medal designs. ✦ Notes: All answers are included, so you can easily mark students work. These questions should take at least an hour for students to complete. ♥ You may also like: Paralympics Tokyo 2020 Maths England Football Maths UEFA Euro 2020 Red White and Blue Themed Maths ☞ To view my other resources, please go to Maths Shop
Earth Day MathsQuick View

Earth Day Maths

Earth Day Maths Recycling, plastic, conservation, real-life maths, environment, pollution, waste, human impact, Earth statistics. Statistics, facts and figures about the world. There are 36 non-calculator questions on 6 worksheets. Pupils read the facts at the top of the worksheet and answer questions about them. There is also a worksheet for students to write their own statistics about themselves. The questions are designed to make students think about the huge impact people have on the planet. All answers are included. Environmental Topics include: Earth Facts Population Facts Animal Conservation Facts Recycling Facts Human Consumption Facts Media Facts My own statistics Maths Topics include: Big Numbers Standard Form Estimating Fractions Percentages Rounding numbers Multiplying large numbers Adding and Subtracting large numbers Error intervals (upper and lower bounds) Circumference Negative Numbers Speed This resource is a pdf document. It contains all the worksheets for your students, as well as answer sheets and teacher’s notes. It is printable in colour or black and white. You may want to send your students just the worksheets. To do this, open up the pdf document. Click print and select print to pdf. Select the page numbers of the worksheets you want to include. This will create a new pdf document with only the worksheets you want to send. ♥ You may also like: Earth Day Algebra Countries of the World Wordsearch Capitals & Continents Quiz Earth Day Maths Animals Time Word Problems Please visit Maths Shop to see more of my resources.
Maths for Science learning matQuick View

Maths for Science learning mat

This A5 learning mat can be laminated and left out on tables to be used with science classes. It shows common conversions, units and standard form.
Maths Tarsia - KS2Quick View

Maths Tarsia - KS2

You will need Tarsia software to download this (it is free just use google) resource. A super resource to really stretch your children to see whether they have mastered addition and subtraction. Ready to print and use.
Maths in DT - Remote learningQuick View

Maths in DT - Remote learning

A booklet with activities targeted towards developing fundamental numeracy associated with practical aspects of DT. Can be used as part of a scheme of work, to run alongside practical projects, as homework booklet, for coverwork sessions or remote learning.
Mental Math StrategiesQuick View

Mental Math Strategies

Some resources explaining the meaning behind RaPa CoDa Numbo + an extra strategy. Useful for home learning as children can see examples and practice a few examples for themselves.
Theme Park Maths InvestigationQuick View

Theme Park Maths Investigation

A detailed and comprehensive maths investigation based on designing and running your own theme park. Task 1: Planning your site using squared paper on a £500,000 budget Task 2: Running your theme park Task 3: Deciding on entry price (revised) Task 4: Profit on entry fee (revised) Task 5 - Profit & Loss Task 6 - Annual Profit Task 7 - Making Improvements Task 8 - Running your theme park Task 9 - Entry Fee Task 10 - How many visitors? Task 11 - What are your profits Task 12 - Taxes and Insurance Task 13 - Your loan 18 further tasks now included taking you up to the final season (season 3) The investigation gives the children opportunities to practise key aspects of number including adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and finding percentages of numbers. The investigation takes the children through step by step, they are in complete control of their spending and decide exactly what is included in their park. It also gives the children an insight to running a business with taxes, insurance and running costs all included. They learn about the power of marketing and the effect this has on the visitors to their park and their profit. We have also included a spreadsheet which children can type into to work out their profit or loss and a smart board file to help with your teaching. Finally, we have added a ‘design an advert’ competition where the winner wins some spending money for their park.