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AQA GCSE Business Studies Finance

A workbook based on all the financial calculations related to Unit 6: Finance for the new specification. It includes Cash Flow, Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Average Rate of Return. It also includes tips and a mark scheme.
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AQA Business - Sources of Finance

A new range of materials aimed at supporting teachers of the AQA A Level in Business. This presentation is designed to cover the topic of making financial decisions with a specific focus upon sources of finance. It considers some of the main types of internal and external sources of finance available to a business. These include debt factoring, share capital, venture capital, crowdfunding, hire purchase, working capital, sale of assets, trade credit, overdrafts, bank loans, government finance and commercial mortgages. The presentation examines each source of finance and analyses both their specific benefits and drawbacks. It also looks at which source of finance is the most appropriate for a firm, and considers the legal structure of the firm, the intended purpose of the finance and the levels of risk that a firm’s management are prepared to accept. The pack contains the Quick Fire Five knowledge questions, a short objective test, and an essay question all complete with suggested answers. This pack also includes a FREE copy of the student revision notes for this section of the course.
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Business Finance

The latest in the new series of PowerPoint resources aimed at assisting teachers with the delivery of the WJEC/Eduqas A-level Business specification but it is suitable for all boards. These slides and hand out are designed to support the delivery of the Component One topic of business finance. They analyse the benefits and drawbacks for the various internal and external sources of finance available to entrepreneurs and SMEs. The main external sources examined include venture capital; share capital; commercial mortgages; sale and leaseback; bank loans; overdrafts; government assistance; trade credit and leasing and hire purchase. The internal focus considers working capital; retained profit and the sale of assets. The slides contain the Quick Fire Five questions and also a practice essay (both with solutions). In addition to the main PowerPoint a PDF copy of the notes has been provided to assist with pupil hand outs.
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GCSE Business (9-1) OCR - Finance - Assessment & Revision resource pack

This pack of resources has been made for the Finance unit of GCSE Business. It is primarily written for the OCR (9-1) course, but could easily be used for other exam boards as it includes most of the usual content for this topic (details below). All resources are in Microsoft Word format (so that you can amend them if you wish). The following resources are included: 2 x Mini Assessments (multiple choice & 2-4 point questions; totalling 20 marks each) + Model Answers. 2 x Extended Answer Assessments (9 mark questions) + Model Answers. End of Unit Assessment (a range of multiple choice, short and extended questions; totalling 30 marks) + Model Answers. Revision Booklet – blank version for students to fill the gaps + completed version. 4 x Class Activities on ARR, Break-Even, Sources of Finance, and Revenue, Costs Profit & Loss + Model Answers. Mind Map for unit – to be completed by students. You are welcome to print / copy these resources for your students, or put on your internal VLE – but please do not share with other institutions or put on an external website. The following concepts are covered: ■ 5.1 The role of Finance ■ 5.2 Sources of Finance ■ 5.3 Revenue, costs, profit & loss ■ 5.4 Break-even ■ 5.5 Cash & cash-flow
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Business Finance Revision Pack

20 Resources
An extensive resource pack of GCSE, AS and A Level revision notes and support materials. There is obviously some over lap as these materials also include the older resources for the legacy A Level but many boards still make use of these materials. The GCSE packs provide guidance for pupils who might be struggling with the more numerical aspects of the course and they have often proven useful as LS materials at a higher level. The pack also includes a couple of revision packs focused upon financial ratios and investment appraisal which A Level pupils should find very useful. They also come with answers and revision mind maps. Overall, a very good value pack for teachers and pupils alike.
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Sources of Finance - GCSE Full Lesson

This lesson / resource is about Sources of Finance with the following learning objectives and been designed for GCSE / iGCSE Business Studies. Learning objectives/Outcomes: Understand why a business needs funds Understand the difference between short and long term capital needs Understand the difference between internal and external sources of finance Identify the different sources of finance available to a business Understand how to select the most appropriate source of finance for a particular situation This download includes: A full lesson PowerPoint Differentiated Sheets for students to learn definitions and advantages / disadvantages of each source of finance Elearning Version for Drag and Drop assignment via uploading as a Google Doc and Sharing with Google Classroom A Scenario where all sources of finance are rejected or recommended 6 mini case studies to select the best source(s) of finance Some multiple choice questions to check understanding as a Plenary All necessary resources to run the lesson are included in this download and all my lessons are for a double lesson i.e. to take around 1hour and fifty minutes so they can be separated into two single lessons if required. The aim of all my resources is to provide lessons / activities of good quality that will add value to your lessons / schemes of work without any extra planning. All activities and resources have been used in class and any errors will be fixed and resources updated as soon as I am aware of any errors. I have priced my resources at what I consider to be a reasonable cost based upon the amount of effort and work I have put into them but all comments and suggestions are very welcome and will be used to improve future resources. Please do leave a review and if you have an idea for a topic / resource that you would like to see (or improvement for this resource), feel free to contact me. The contents of this page and all downloaded materials are copyrighted Taylor Teaching Resources. See my other resources for Business Studies, Computer Science and ICT here
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Sources of Finance - GCSE (9-1) Business

Comprehensive lesson containing a full presentation and worksheet. (includes model answers) The lesson outlines all the specification points of Sources of Business Finance within the GCSE (9-1) Edexcel Business Studies course (useful for other exam boards too) This lesson teaches the following content: Sources of finance for a start-up or established small business: ● short-term sources: overdraft and trade credit ● long-term sources: personal savings, venture capital, share capital, loans, retained profit and crowd funding. Click on the links below to check out some of our FREE GCSE (9-1) Business lessons and Worksheets to get a flavour of what this resource entails: Dynamic Nature of Business Lesson Market Research Lesson Dynamic Nature of Business Worksheet We really appreciate feedback on our resources so if you kindly leave a review down below, you will be able to claim any resource (up to the value of this resource) from our shop for FREE. Just email with your username and your chosen resource. Your chosen resource will be sent to you within 24 hours.
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Personal Finance Decisions

Personal Finance Decisions. A fully-resourced lesson (1 hour +) which can be used by teachers to deliver a detailed lesson on Personal Finance Decisions Learning Outcomes: To explain what personal finance is. To be able to consider the pros and cons of different types of finance. To have the ability to make choices on the best option in certain situations. Key terms Credit, Budget, overdrawn financial freedom , Risk Reward Each Lesson Pack Contains: 1 Fully Editable Careers PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning) Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker) The lesson includes a detailed PowerPoint, variety of student facing tasks and comprehension tasks These resources have been designed to be engaging, informative and pick up and teach. Search “Cre8tive Resources” on Google to explore all our lesson packages for PSHE, Careers and Citizenship and Sixth Form.
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Business Studies Finance worksheets

A bundle of Business Studies worksheets/ note sheets for students to complete during class or as part of a homework task. Tasks are included in the sheets. The worksheets included are: Cash flow forecasting Fixed and variable costs Estimating Revenues Exchange rates Interest rates Sources of finance
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Finance / Careers: Budgeting Money

Financial Capability resources: 1 hour PowerPoint, clips, worksheets, differentiated fully KS3/4. Complete 1 hour lesson with differentiated worksheets, suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either. Find more lessons on everything from RSE, misogyny, masculinity and Andrew Tate to jobs, consent, stereotyping, employment and careers, dating, love, drugs, alcohol, vaping, sleep, mental health and wellbeing, extremism, pornography, gender and transgender prejudice, racism, British Values, living in the wider world, sexual health, equality and diversity, STIs, contraception, sex and relationships and much more at the EC Publishing website - Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
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Business and Finance Escape rooms

4 Resources
5 different Business and Finance Escape Rooms in this Bundle of escape room challenges / resources and lessons. This is a huge collection of unique digital print and play escape rooms. Every student loves to solve a mystery. These new escape room activities will not only improve students knowledge of Business and Finance but will also hone their problem solving skills, build up their teamwork and leadership skills and allow opportunities to show creativity and resilience. Each escape room comes with a matching digital ppt presentation that the teacher can use to track progress by all the teams and create a real sense of competition The resources come in editable format so you can amend and make changes to some of the puzzles if you wish. Contents of the Business and Finance Super Escape Room Bundle Business and Economics Escape Room Personal Finance escape room GCSE Business Escape Room A level Economics Motivation + Training GCSE Business We use practicing Heads of Departments to create our engaging resources. Our resources have been downloaded and used across thousands of classrooms. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ What does each of the ten escape rooms come with? ☞ Escape Room Interactive Tracker PowerPoint - Keeps the competitive nature on display ☞ Escape Room Puzzle Keys (Six Sets for Six Teams) ☞ Escape Room Team sheet - Record codes, answers clues as they progress through the 7 rooms ☞ Escape Room Puzzles (7 Rooms = 7 Different styles of Puzzles) ☞ Teacher Answer Sheet - Quickly confirm to teams they have solved the puzzle correctly ☞ Teacher instructions of how to set up the escape room and what to print and top tips and shortcuts. ☞ Successful Escape Certificates for those that complete the entire challenge (There is a difficult bonus escape too :) for any quick teams ☞ The 7 Rooms each have a specific Puzzle that has been adapted to suit the topic of this Escape Room and is suitable for secondary Students ☞ 10 Bonus subject based questions per escape room ☞ 5 Bonus snippets of ‘Did you know’ facts and revision knowledge Search ‘Cre8tive Resources’ for support with our library of resources or send us an email. Leave a review and email for a free resource as a thank you!! Explore all our resources on TES
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Connections- Business Finance Game

A team or individual game board activity requiring students to stretch their subject knowledge ahead of the GCSE, A level or BTEC Business L2/3 Personal and Business Finance exams. Students make their way around the game board defining key terms, answering questions and undertaking challenges. They will develop analytical skills by linking each point carefully with the next… hence the title ‘Connections’! Topics covered include break-even, cash-flow, financial statements and ratio analysis.
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Finance in Business

This unit provides coverage of the 'Finance GCSE Business studies unit (AQA), used as a basis for teaching the GCSE course. It is based around a PowerPoint presentation which covers: Sources of finance, Cash Flow, Break even, Balance sheets, Profit and loss accounts etc. The PowerPoint contains teacher notes and suggests activities which are supported by a range of worksheets and resources.
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GCSE EDEXCEL Business Studies Finance

GCSE WORKBOOKS AND ANSWERS FOR THEME 1: THEME 1: BREAKEVEN TOPICS INTEREST RATES CASH FLOW It has formulas, examples, practice questions and answers for every mathematical topic within theme 1
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Business Finance Knowledge Organiser

This Knowledge Organiser includes all the key information required for Business Finance. The information is set out in a 4-page student friendly format and labelled so teachers’ can clearly reference each section. The content covers different types of costs, Break-even analysis, Cash-Flow forecasts, Trading accounts and Balance sheets.
 IGCSE Business FinanceQuick View

IGCSE Business Finance

I am using Infographic to prepare lesson plan for IGCSE Business Studies Topic (Financial Information & Financial Decision). Here is a simple lesson plan outline.