Power in MacbethQuick View

Power in Macbeth

Targeted at mixed ability GCSE pupils, this insightful PowerPoint enables pupils to explore how Shakespeare presents how power ironically can lead to greed, alienation and downfall. With relevant quotes from the text, differentiated questions and writing scaffolds, by the end of the lesson pupils can analyse how Shakespeare presents power through Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

By deepavali_sehgal1

Macbeth: Macbeth IntroductionQuick View

Macbeth: Macbeth Introduction

A crime scene investigation style lesson to introduce KS3 and KS4 students to the main plot ideas and themes of Shakespeare's Macbeth. All activities are fully differentiated. Many more inexpensive, high quality English resources are available at my shop: Lead Practitioner's Shop

By Lead_Practitioner

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Macbeth bundleQuick View

Macbeth bundle

A selection of some of my Macbeth lessons. Each lesson includes exams skills as well as wider understanding of the play and its context. Get all these lessons HALF PRICE by buying this bundle.

By Mcgorry6

Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2 - Lady Macbeth's characterQuick View

Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2 - Lady Macbeth's character

Attached is a power point, going through the scene, highlighting important key words, quote match up from the previous important scene (Act 1) It includes a clue slide, where students guess what the scene is going to be about. Then the students are required to read the extract, watch the clip (noting down 5 key words about Lady Macbeth. They are then asked to answer the BIG question. Resources provided for the activity. Attached is also a dice game, whereby the students work in pairs. They roll the dice twice, on number across the top and one up the side - which allows them to find a box. Whatever word is in the box, students need to find a quote from Macbeth to support it.

By Jamiecalcutt

Macbeth RevisionQuick View

Macbeth Revision

A booklet with information and activities looking at the plot and characters in Macbeth. Also includes an exam style question.

By delenn

Structuring an Analytical Essay for MacbethQuick View

Structuring an Analytical Essay for Macbeth

Targeted at KS4 pupils, the adaptable writing frame provides pupils with a guided structure (with arrows) about how they can build a convincing analytical argument through each sentence. Each sentence is connected with an arrow that shows pupils how their analytical response follows a structure; in following the arrows pupils realize how they must begin with a topic sentence to evidence, to analysis then the reader's response and concluding the writer's intentions. The structure is modeled and pupils are given opportunities to follow the structure and analyse alternative extracts independently for the entire lesson. This works great in group work and independent tasks that lead to presentations. The analytical structure is adaptable to different texts and provides a great scaffold for all analytical writing tasks.

By deepavali_sehgal1

Motif of Sleep in MacbethQuick View

Motif of Sleep in Macbeth

Targeted at mixed ability GCSE pupils, this adaptable resource enables pupils to recognise how sleep is used as a motif of guilt in Macbeth. Within the resource are suitable questions, extracts from the play, assessments and scaffolds that usefully support and promote independent learning.

By deepavali_sehgal1

Freytag's pyramid in MacbethQuick View

Freytag's pyramid in Macbeth

Targeted at mixed ability GCSE pupils, this adaptable resource enables pupils to explain how Shakespeare follows Freytag's five-act structure in order to intensify and add fluidity to the play. Through accessible models and assessments, pupils begin to discuss the value of the 'turning point' in the play.

By deepavali_sehgal1

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MacbethQuick View


Collection of resources to support study in preparation for new AQA GCSE.

By H4nn4H13

Macbeth key quote analysisQuick View

Macbeth key quote analysis

Five worksheets (one for each act) with a selection of key quotes. Pupils have to find out who said them before explaining their effect on the audience and the impact of the key words. Model answers are included on the worksheets which make an excellent revision tool once completed.

By SIKLessons

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Macbeth GCSE WJEC PreparationQuick View

Macbeth GCSE WJEC Preparation

This bundle includes: A Macbeth introduction booklet (made with AQA in mind, and includes their mark schemes, but generic for any board) Some Macbeth extracts, activities and exam questions.

By AimeeWoonton

Irony and Ambition in MacbethQuick View

Irony and Ambition in Macbeth

Targeted at mixed ability GCSE pupils including high ability Year 9 pupils, this PowerPoint provides an insightful platform in which pupils explore how Shakespeare ironically exposes excessive ambition as a cause of downfall rather than fortune. Embedded with relevant extracts, model answers, practice time and peer-assessments, this resource is flexible and great for a whole lesson.

By deepavali_sehgal1

MacbethQuick View


20 lessons for the GCSE. Used for a mixed ability Year 11 group and includes extra reading articles to push the most able. Includes notes on societal and historical context, as well as terminology - which includes tragic structure.

By LeahMitchell

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Macbeth (Everything your students need to revise Macbeth)Quick View

Macbeth (Everything your students need to revise Macbeth)

This bundle transformed my students' knowledge of Macbeth. They went from knowing absolutely nothing about Macbeth to achieving grade 7 and 8 in their essays. I can not recommend these bundle more. A must for GCSE students!

By Simirai

Macbeth Key QuotesQuick View

Macbeth Key Quotes

Targeted at Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils, this comprehensive collection of quotes from Macbeth would usefully guide pupils through the key events of the plot. In addition, the specific quotes would facilitate their detection of character development and the portrayal of relationships throughout the plot. With its flexibility, the quotes may directly be analysed or pupils may work in groups as they explore alternative ways in which the quotes may be enacted and how their chosen expression influences the portrayal of characters.

By deepavali_sehgal1

Lady Macbeth's downfallQuick View

Lady Macbeth's downfall

A one hour lesson examining Act 5, Scene 1 of Macbeth. The lesson focuses on analysing the language and structure of the scene and teaches pupils the skills required for the extract question of the literature exam. A great lesson for any Year group studying Macbeth.

By Mcgorry6

Killing King Duncan - Macbeth's doubts and Lady's Macbeth's certaintyQuick View

Killing King Duncan - Macbeth's doubts and Lady's Macbeth's certainty

A worksheet contrasting Macbeth's doubts about killing King Duncan (Act 1, Scene 7) with Lady Macbeth's convictions that he should (Act 1, Scene 5 and Act 1, Scene 7). This worksheet is particularly useful for low attaining KS4 students struggling to use relevant quotations in their work.

By olzat

Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth PPTQuick View

Introduction to Shakespeare and Macbeth PPT

Lovely 20 slide PPT introducing Shakespeare, the Elizabethan and Jacobean Ages and Macbeth. Covers all the background detail pupils need to know. Makes for a great introductory lesson to the play and can act as a springboard for further research and project work.

By Polaphuca