Musical InstrumentsQuick View

Musical Instruments

Powerpoint to introduce, including sound clips and match up. i hope it works! I played charades and so on with them too, worked wonders during an observation with my year 7!
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Guess the musical instrument

this is a powerpoint quiz where the children listen to a sound and have to click on the picture that they think corresponds with the sound that they have heard. my class really enjoyed this game and it was a nice finish to the lesson.
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French Musical Instruments + jouer

KS2 French Musical instruments Vocab sheet Card sort Reading sheet (answers on powerpoint) Survey (example on first powerpoint) - use as pair work around class. Pupils can write sentences in the third person to match the survey sheet.
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Instruments of the Orchestra - SOW & Resources

This a 5 lesson scheme of work to teach students about the instruments of the orchestra. This scheme can be used for KS2, KS3 or KS4. The aims of the scheme are: - To understand that the instruments are classified into 4 different families - To be able to identify the different instruments found in the orchestra - To understand how instruments produce, manipulate and amplify sound - To design and make their own musical instruments - To compose a piece of music using their own instruments - To complete a written assessment which also includes listening questions This resource includes the Scheme of work, detailed PowerPoints including pictures and audio to teach all the instruments, a homework task to produce an instrument and a final topic assessment (audio also included). This resource includes opportunity for both teacher and self-assessment.
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Let’s learn about Music! This worksheet includes 11 pages with a large variety of activities and exercises about music. The materials have informative exercises about music such as instruments, famous musicians, history, music styles and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. Overview: Page 1: Introduction Page 2: History Page 3: Instruments Page 4/5: Music Styles Page 6: Famous Musicians Page 7: Karaoke Page 8: Musicals Page 9: The greatest Composers Page 10: Reflection Page 11: Answers Extra: Music Styles (Expert) Extra: Famous Musicians (Expert) The answers and an answer sheet are included. Keywords: Music, notes, pitch, tune, rhythm, piano, violin, guitar, instrument, rock, pop, blues, classical, karaoke, musical, composer, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin.
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Music & Instruments

In this class your children will sing, play, move, make and of course learn about the different instruments. A professionally packaged presentation that your class will love! Includes video, animations, interactive activities and instructions. Have fun! Fills a 40 + minute class.
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Musical instruments

There are a lot of different musical instruments. Which of them would you like to learn to play and why? Prove your choice