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Writing Autobiographies!

This stimulating and informative lesson aims to improve students’ ability to adapt the style of their writing to suit their audience and purpose. In particular, they attempt to meet the purpose of writing autobiographically. Students follow a clear and logical learning journey, in which they: -Define autobiographies and their key features; -Read extracts of autobiographies, and analyse the language techniques used; -Use independent learning skills to analyse an autobiography of their choice; -Create a success criteria for effective autobiography writing (although a ready-made success criteria is included) -Write a section of their own autobiography, using the techniques that they have learnt; -Peer/self-assess their autobiographical attempts. There are enough resources here really for two lessons, including: -Visually engaging whole-lesson PowerPoint; -Autobiography extract; -Analysing Autobiographies template; -Success Criteria; -Step-by-step lesson plan. All images are licensed for commercial use, and are cited on the final page of the slide.
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Pupils underline features of autobiographical writing. Good blown up on A3 and pupils work in pairs/groups.
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Autobiography Planning Unit Year 3/4

3 weeks (13 lessons) planning unit for autobiographies. Includes looking at autobiographical features, using time openers/ fronted adverbials, changing tense or verbs, using was and were, planning an autobiography, writing and presenting an autobiography. Resources can be requested.
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Autobiography Resources

These are power points and resources that I used to cover the theme of Autobiography and Biography within the KS3 scheme of work, topics are predominantly covered by the power points and are supported via work sheets and hand outs! Feel free to nab the resources, they took me ages to make!
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My Autobiography Booklet

A structured autobiography booklet that could be used with a whole group in an English / literacy lesson or be used 1-1 as part of a mentoring programme - obviously some of the tasks may need to be removed / given less attention if a student has a particularly complex family background. For more: www.HumansNotRobots.co.uk
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Model Text with Key Features of an Autobiography

This resource is differentiated in 6 levels for KS2. Children are required to identify the key features of an autobiography, including use of first person, names, ages, dates and locations. For more Model Text resources, visit: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?fwp_topic=model-texts
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Autobiography Extended Writing Prompt Sheet

A writing prompt for writing an autobiography in 6 differentiated levels which includes a range of sentence starters and other relevant vocabulary. Find more writing prompts here: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?fwp_topic=extended-writing
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Autobiography Proofreading Activity

This resource is for Year 2 to Year 6, in six differentiated levels and focuses on the English objectives for proofreading and editing from the 2014 National Curriculum. You can find more proofreading and editing resources here: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?
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Features of an Autobiography KS2

A resource to sort appropriate and inappropriate features and vocabulary suitable for autobiography texts for Years 3 - 6 (available in six differentiated levels). You can find more autobiography resources here: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/search/?fwp_topic=autobiographies
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6 week SOW for year 7 on autobiographical writing. Includes letter writing, description and extract analysis as part of it. PPT and worksheets provided as well as a SOW overview.
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Autobiography writing KS3 features - structure - success criteria writing assignment
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Autobiography booklet

This booklet was put together to support a LA year7 group. The booklet can be altered to suit specific. I used basic language so that students with Dyslexia found it easy to use.
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Mini Scheme of Work on Autobiographies and Biographies

Roughly 2 week SOW for first years and second years covering autobiography and biography. PPTs with creative writing tasks, analysis of extracts of autobiographies and biographies, exploration of media such as book covers and the intention on colour, shape and layout. This scheme of work aims to improve analysis, creative writing and introduce exploration of media.
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Autobiography and Biography - KS3

A short unit, including reading and writing activities based on Roald Dahl's 'Boy' and the animated film 'Up'. Ending with pupils completing their own piece of autobiographical writing.
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Autobiography Report

We have developed this report template and additional worksheets, organizers, tools and forms to use for your students to create, develop, write, edit, illustrate, present, and assess your students’ autobiography report. This template can be used as the actual formal report to be turned in, or if you have older students you can utilize this template as a study guide or rough draft. For these older students you then would have them take their template and type or write their report on their own. If you like this product, please check back soon as we will be posting new products in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly help you. Thank you! The Teacher Team Copyright 2013 Carol Beaumont All Rights Reserved by Author
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Autobiography Scheme of work and resources

A 6 week scheme of work and resources aimed at year 7, but easily adaptable for year 8 or 9. Includes opportunities for reading, writing, speaking and listening and use of IT. All assessments and extracts included.
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My Autobiography Writing

This unit was designed for a Year 7 class. The 16 page booklet gathers information about students and asks them to recall experiences from their life. The booklet works up to students recalling a significant event in their life and leads them through the writing process. There is a writing scaffold with prompts and a marking criteria for teachers. Would be 4 lessons of work at least.
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Autobiography Reading Assessments

Reading Assessment Lessons (Suitable for Y6-11, KS2/3/4) Two reading assessment lessons, suitable for Y6-11 based on autobiography extracts from Karl Pilkington and Jessica Ennis. First lesson (Karl Pilkington) is a full lesson practise assessment, based on a shorter extract, taking students through how to answer a typical writing assessment task. This lesson is made up of: * A starter task * Lesson objectives * A dictionary definition task * Spider diagram of what to look for during an analysis * Reading of the text prompts * Reading review The text in this extract is a humours extract based on Karl Pilkington’s school days. The second lesson is the ‘official’ writing assessment where students are on their own in test conditions, with simply the test question and resource page. The text in this extract is an emotive piece based on Jessica Ennis’ early school life in which she endured bullying. Download should take two complete lessons, based on one hour per lesson. Resources included! For great more lessons and resources visit my shop here: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/EngageinEnglish (Royalty free images used.)