This is the third powerpoint in a unit which focuses on basic literacy skills. It would be suitable for lower ability students and works especially well with intervention groups. This powerpoint incorporates the 'number game' which is listed separately. You will also need a bag of objects for students to select items and write about. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.

By thehouseofliteracy

Connectives PosterQuick View

Connectives Poster

This connectives poster presents 45 words to help students link sentences – thus making their work more eloquent. A connective is a word or phrase that links clauses or sentences. The connectives poster has been created in high resolution – A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) – so that you can use it as a classroom display. However, it will print perfectly well in other paper sizes, such as A4. For more learning resources, please visit: FREE English videos:

By poetryessay

Network connectivity crosswordQuick View

Network connectivity crossword

Used as part of the Cambridge Nationals ICT course (R001 exam) to assess students understanding of a range of terms associated with Network connectivity e.g. WiFi, switch, virus etc.

By tonypearsonseaton

ConnectivesQuick View


Really useful 10 min warm up activity in a Literacy lesson. Teaching children to avoid using boring words like ‘and’ ‘but’. Instead to use other connectives. I just put this up on the interactive whiteboard and so one activity a day at the beginning of my lesson and go through the examples with the children. They look at the sample questions and correct the ‘boring’ sentences. Really easy to follow. Topics also inlcuded: langauge choice; narrative texts.

By sunnyjun

French connectivesQuick View

French connectives

An almost exhaustive list of hundreds of connectives classified by theme (French/English and then English French) and then by alphabetical order (French/English and then English/French)

By larome94

ConnectivesQuick View


Lesson designed to teach/revise connectives. The aim is to help students improve the quality of their writing.

By casss

Connectives mat useful for storiesQuick View

Connectives mat useful for stories

A collection of connectives useful for general story writing as opposed to the usual mixture, much more useful, eg. Without warning...With each step...When they looked back... and lots more!

By dave_orritt

Crucial ConnectivesQuick View

Crucial Connectives

A PowerPoint containing the definition of a connective and tasks for students to complete both as a class and independently on using them in sentences and English subject writing. Suitable for primary and secondary ages as well as for a LD or SEN department Literacy tool.

By rosecoates

connectives matQuick View

connectives mat

connective type and examples of connectives usueful as it is very clear explanation of type of connective See my flashcards and game by following the link. Topics also include: word work.

By juliateacher

Time connectivesQuick View

Time connectives

Colourful slides introducing range of time connectives. Includes a 'Spot the time connective&' challenge which can be done as a class or printed for paired work. There is also a group challenge and idea for individual recording.

By sarahunderwood



A bundle of 10 worksheets with answers to help learners to understand how connectives: 1. Connect two parts of a sentence 2. Connect two groups of words 3. Begin a sentence

By john421969

Clever ConnectivesQuick View

Clever Connectives

Linked to the Big Write and VCOP, pupils can develop their use of connectives. This has been written for a Year 4 class. This has been updated with additional slides. My class enjoy seeing their names, so if you have time edit the presentation and add your pupils names. I hope you enjoy using this resource.

By NickHanlon

Openers and ConnectivesQuick View

Openers and Connectives

VCOP resource. Openers and connectives for display. Openers on doors and connectives on links. I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere so I made it - think I'm going to use the editable pencils on teachers pet ( to put my vocabulary on.

By conciousbeanie

Connectives & ConjunctionsQuick View

Connectives & Conjunctions

A series of three pairs of posters to show the difference between the groups commonly referred to as 'connectives', i.e. co-ordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, and other cohesive ties.

By tafkam

Connecting with CustomersQuick View

Connecting with Customers

Nowadays it is extremely important for companies to connect with their customers in order to make long relationships with them. In this File you will find: - 1 Connecting with Customer Lecture Power Point Presentation - 2 Videos for the Lecture - 1 Case Study

By galkin_pavel07