El Medio Ambiente - The environmentQuick View

El Medio Ambiente - The environment

This is a resource I have created for my GCSE students as there aren't much practice in the book or revision guides. It includes a vocab page and a workbook with 12 exercises (including reading, translation and a wordsearch). Hope it helps. :)
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El medio ambiente

2 lessons and a plenary on the topic of protecting the environment. Based on AQA Oxford Textbook
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El medio ambiente.

Thank you to all of those who have provided materials on the TES website that have enabled me to prepare this lesson. It is a ppt and various materials for the first lesson on The Environment.
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El medio ambiente (condicional)

It's a full lesson with clear differentiation. It helps the students to use the conditional to talk about the environemnt in an easier way that conjugating verbs.
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El Medio Ambiente Video

A video that I made for my year 8 group about the environment. It includes vocabulary on disasters, threats the environment and renewable and non renewable energy resources, the words appear on screen. I used it as a starter activity to gauge pupils interest. They had to write down as many words as they could remember. There are accompanying flashcards with this resource. :)
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El Medio Ambiente - Environment RESOURCE PACK

This pack contains resources I have made for high level y9 set doing the environment topic. Would also be suitable for foundation GCSE Spanish. The pack contains several powerpoints, games, activities, worksheets. Most should be quite comprehensive. Hope it is useful. Contra el raton is a game that was found on tes and I have adapted it for the environment topic. Photos and pictures have been taken from internet / other resources that I have adapted for my group.
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GCSE Revision: El medio ambiente

GCSE revision worksheet on ‘El medio ambiente’. Includes translations, reading comprehension and some speaking questions.
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El Medio Ambiente - Nuestro Mundo

Very attractive and useful 12-slide PPT that teaches vocabulary related to the environment and the Imperative Form. It contains plenty of exercises for students to remember the words and practice translation, reading comprehension and writing.
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El medio ambiente

This is a knowledge booklet. It has key vocabulary, activities for the students to complete and grammar points.


This resource is meant for Year 7 - Year 11 Spanish students. Students will learn what the environment is composed of, what is affecting the environment in the 21st century. They will learn to analyse the problems and so be able to show what they can do to preserve the environment in general as well as in their own region. This will help students understand the importance of looking after the environment so that they can preserve it for themselves and future generations. There are speaking and writing exercise to help students consolidate what they have learnt in the lesson.
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El Medio Ambiente

A power point lesson using the phrases ‘se debe’ ‘hay que’ and ‘es necesario’ along with verbs and vocabualry for talking about the environment. Suitable mainly for KS3 or as an introduction for Foundation KS4 classes. It does not follow and particular course book so is useful for those who create their own schemes of work and lessons. I have added notes at the bottom of slides to give ideas as to how to use the resources.
Powerpoint Vocabulario : EL MEDIO AMBIENTEQuick View

Powerpoint Vocabulario : EL MEDIO AMBIENTE

68 vocabulary word list around the environment with pictures. You can download for free the blackline master for the list that accompanies the powerpoint. If you are teaching a unit on the environment for a Heritage learner, or level III, IV. or V AP Spanish class this is a great place to start. Student have all the words they need to talk about challenges to our planet and some things they can do to protect the planet, conserve energy etc. I use this powerpoint to introduce a unit on the environment in my level IV class to prepare for the AP test. Students use this vocabulary in a variety of ways culminating in a project where they research an environmental problem in our school and offer a solution. (download coming soon if you want the project)
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Mira GCSE - Proteger el medio ambiente

A lesson on Unit 9 “nuestro planeta” from the Mira GCSE rojo which can basically be used with any textbook to cover the topic of environment and environmental problems. Activities included in the bundle: starter, quiz-quiz trade for plenary, and extended reading with grammar activities on “se deberia” and a detailed lesson plan to help with organising the lesson.
El medio ambiente y la contaminaciónQuick View

El medio ambiente y la contaminación

This is a reading comprenhension test about the environment. It can be used in class to practice the vocabulary or as a assessment test. Students need to find sinonims and antonims in the text, answer questions to prove their comprehension (including true/falso), and find words in the text related to a specific topic: "recicling".
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Medio ambiente - Spanish Speaking Activity

No prep pair-work speaking activity. Topic of conversation: Medio ambiente Part 1: Photo description & comparison Encourages use of linking terms, connectors and cohesive devices Vocabulary acquisition Part 2: Discussion questions Debates Agree / disagree Advantages / disadvantages Encourages fluency and confidence using Spanish Can be used for a 1-1 speaking class or pair-work activity in a large class Instructions for PART 1: 1) Working with a partner with the same photo (student As with As, Bs with Bs), students attempt to identify the vocabulary in their photo. (alternatively, for low-level students, the teacher can provide students with a vocabulary list and the students label the photo). 2) Change pairs to AB. 3) Student A describes photo while student B listens attentively. 4) Student B describes photo while student A listens attentively. 5) Still without looking at each other’s photos, students attempt to identify 3 differences between their photos. Students may now look at each other’s photos and describe 2-3 differences each. Encourage use of CONNECTORS: En primer lugar, En segundo lugar, Finalmente Sin embargo, Por otra parte, Mientras que Además, También, Es más Instructions for PART 2 1) Students ask each other the discussion questions. Encourage students to: Extend their answers Elicit more information Agree / disagree with their partners Justify their arguments 2) Students try and report to their new partner everything they can remember which their old partner has just told them. Encourage students to use the questions to guide their memory. GAMIFICATION ALTERNATIVES PROVIDED WITH THE INSTRUCTIONS
SPANISH UNIT WORKBOOK "El Medio Ambiente"Quick View


SPANISH UNIT WORKBOOK "El Medio Ambiente" Printables | Interactive activities | Writing activities includes: - Reading comprehension text on the environment - Writing activity related to the text - Cut & Paste Sentence Builders Cards - Sentence to Picture Matching Exercises - Interactive Activity: Design an Environment Poster in Spanish - 10 pages of Vocabulary Skills focused worksheets that include: - Crosswords - Wordsearches - Spelling exercises - Word soups - Multiple choice questions - Word Mazes - Word Shapes - Hidden Letters - Word Trails Total Pages 25 pages
El Medio Ambiente / Environment A2 levelQuick View

El Medio Ambiente / Environment A2 level

An introductory powerpoint about the environment in Spain, containing facts/figures I have taken from various websites/news articles. There is also a video link & questions (youtube video). There is also an extra activity at the end which refers to a page in Animo 2.