Christmas Noel Reading comprehension. La liste de Noel [EDITABLE]Quick View

Christmas Noel Reading comprehension. La liste de Noel [EDITABLE]

A reading comprehension where the students read and decide if each person has been naughty or nice. Can be done with the oral worksheet ("kindometer")which I have also uploaded on TES (see my shop or the link below). I included a WORD version so it can easily be adapted. Thanks! Feedback much appreciated! Please check my shop for more resources:

By minik66

Mission Noel! Christmas video and exercisesQuick View

Mission Noel! Christmas video and exercises

A PowerPoint with a video embedded for the trailer: Mission Noël and exercises to go with it. - The first slide is a listening comprehension with gap fills concentrating on the negatives (ne pas/ ne rien/ aucun and a few other words). It is better to click on the video and immediately click on the PowerPoint as I have timed the sentences to appear as the characters speak (it requires a bit of practice to get it right! The first sentence appears after 4 seconds). There is a worksheet to go with it. -The second slide is a correction to the gap fill -3rd slide: Oral questions (also as a worksheet, 2 per page) - 4th slide: a reading comprehension on family members (also as worksheet) with corrections -5th slide: same text with different questions in english about activities (with worksheet) with corrections. Worksheet: 3 pages -gap fill to go with the video - oral questions (2 per page to save printing) - reading comprehension Please see my other resources for Christmas and leave a feedback if you have time or if there's any problem with the video! Check out my Christmas Activity pack and Karaoke (in my shop) here: Check my shop for more resources and Christmas bundles: Joyeux Noël!

By minik66

Noel in France reading taskQuick View

Noel in France reading task

This is a text where a girl talks about her family traditions for Christmas: where she goes, what she eats, who she meets, what she likes or not about Christmas. The text is followed by 8 comprehension exercises (4 pages) and a mark scheme. The first exercise is labelling pictures about xmas (words are found in the text). The other exercises are GCSE AQA style. The text includes present, past, future tense, opinions. Some simple and more complex sentences. Good for top set year 9 and GCSE.

By sandraparish

Chanson de NoelQuick View

Chanson de Noel

Lyrics of the song 'Vive le vent' (Jingle bells) with vocabulary, reading task and answers.

By GaelleLH

Christmas in France- Noel en FranceQuick View

Christmas in France- Noel en France

Start with the 'Noel' presentation which is an easy/silly quiz aimed at picking up a bit of vocabulary. then carry on with the second presentation which is an introduction to the Christmas celebration in France. Some of the pictures of the meal were taken in my family dinner for Christmas (I am French) and therefore are authentic. The 2nd pwpt leads up to a speaking activity but as an alternative, you get students to design Christmas cards whilst listening to traditional Christmas carols in French.Merry Christmas!

By didierdelph

Christmas - Noel  Oral work : Mime de Noel [EDITABLE]Quick View

Christmas - Noel Oral work : Mime de Noel [EDITABLE]

2 worksheets to be done at Christmas time. Students choose a sentence from the list and mime the action. Their partner has to guess the action and say the sentence. One list of action is in the present tense, the other one in the past. I have included a WORD version so they can be easily adapted. Have fun! Please see my shop for more Christmas worksheets and activity packs. Feedback much appreciated! Please check my shop for more resources:

By minik66

Le Noel - booklet of activitiesQuick View

Le Noel - booklet of activities

This is a Christmas booklet thought for KS3 students. The booklet contains 6 activities (including a wordsearch and designing a Christmas card) and a vocab page to help them. I also have a Christmas presentation that might be useful to go with this.

By Albichuelita

Carta a Papa Noel - Letter to Santa in SpanishQuick View

Carta a Papa Noel - Letter to Santa in Spanish

This resource contains all you need to write a letter in Spanish to Father Christmas. The first activity asks students to make a list of all the things they want for Christmas. (Have dictionaries ready for students who need some extra help). The second activity is matching exercise with all the necessary phrases that students can adapt to help them write their letter. The final activity is writing their letter to Father Christmas. I have also included a writing frame for less able pupils. Feliz Navidad

By CladdaghClassrooms

Coloriage de NoelQuick View

Coloriage de Noel

A Christmas themed 'paint by number' activity. Ideal to revise colours in French.

By GaelleLH

Le noel / ChristmasQuick View

Le noel / Christmas

Presentation about Christmas in French with some interactive activities to do with the students. (43 slides).

By Albichuelita

Christmas -  Noel FUN Oral work "Kindometer" [EDITABLE]Quick View

Christmas - Noel FUN Oral work "Kindometer" [EDITABLE]

2 worksheets for oral work to be done at Christmas time. The students ask questions to their partner to find out if they have been naughty or nice this year. They calculate the score at the end. A follow up could be done with the superlatives and comparative to compare their scores with the rest of the class. The questions are in the past tense. I included a WORD version so it can easily be changed. Have fun! Check my store for more Christmas worksheets and Christmas bundles: Feedback much appreciated!

By minik66

Joyeux NoelQuick View

Joyeux Noel

Christmas worksheet which teaches pupils topic-related vocabulary. Compliments Joyeux Noel Powerpoint.

By Sarah2209

NoelQuick View


Introduction to christmas vocabulary

By Yahaira

Joyeux Noel wordsearch and crosswordQuick View

Joyeux Noel wordsearch and crossword

This resource is intended for Year 7 - Year 9 students to help them with vocabulary related to Christmas. It requires them to think and remember words that they will learn for Christmas. They will need to write the words in French with the English equivalent. It shouldn't take them more than 1 lesson.

By marycottle

NOEL les cadeaux de NoelQuick View

NOEL les cadeaux de Noel

Year 7/8 class I have done this for an observation next week. Not used yet. Just a good way to learn more vocabulary and use "I would like." in another context. Don't say I never share I also will include a message from father Xmas P NP in French (look under google) you can upload the photo of students but ask permission first. Guaranteed effect Happy Xmas

By Christinamoulard

Noel Christmas exercisesQuick View

Noel Christmas exercises

A series of exercises to learn and have fun this Christmas. This bundle comprises a PPT with a French Christmas song karaoke and gap fills to go with it (the emphasis is on grammar), a series of exercises with a video on the theme of the movie Mission Noel and lastly some fun activities to print for Christmas! Enjoy! Please check my shop for more resources:

By minik66

NoelQuick View


Simple PowerPoint presentation with all the vocabulary about Christmas, explanation on how to write a Christmas card in French.

By Zoe2007

Joyeux Noel - French Christmas lesson Powerpoint and worksheetQuick View

Joyeux Noel - French Christmas lesson Powerpoint and worksheet

Full French lesson on Christmas - Powerpoint + worksheet - lesson starter : Christmas vocabulary match up the image and the French word - grammar point : IL Y A - reading activity : read the description of the Christmas tree on the worksheet and draw the Christmas tree - listening activity : Fill in the gaps of the song Vive le Vent ! - writing : write your Christmas list in French

By Cynthia-G