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Noel in France reading task

This is a text where a girl talks about her family traditions for Christmas: where she goes, what she eats, who she meets, what she likes or not about Christmas. The text is followed by 8 comprehension exercises (4 pages) and a mark scheme. The first exercise is labelling pictures about xmas (words are found in the text). The other exercises are GCSE AQA style. The text includes present, past, future tense, opinions. Some simple and more complex sentences. Good for top set year 9 and GCSE.
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Simple PowerPoint presentation with all the vocabulary about Christmas, explanation on how to write a Christmas card in French.
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Introduction to christmas vocabulary
French Board Game Christmas NoelQuick View

French Board Game Christmas Noel

40 Task Cards and game board. The task cards vary in difficulty from multiple choice to translations. This set is a Christmas theme and is an excellent follow up to my Christmas PowerPoint presentation. All you need is willing pupils with some spare coins for counters. You don't even need dice. I have used this myself and it is a great way to let the pupils loose and engage in something challenging and exciting. Add an element of competition and you are on to a winner! Teacher notes and answer key included.
Chanson de NoelQuick View

Chanson de Noel

Lyrics of the song 'Vive le vent' (Jingle bells) with vocabulary, reading task and answers.
Mission Noel! Christmas video and exercisesQuick View

Mission Noel! Christmas video and exercises

A PowerPoint with a video embedded for the trailer: Mission Noël and exercises to go with it. - The first slide is a listening comprehension with gap fills concentrating on the negatives (ne pas/ ne rien/ aucun and a few other words). It is better to click on the video and immediately click on the PowerPoint as I have timed the sentences to appear as the characters speak (it requires a bit of practice to get it right! The first sentence appears after 4 seconds). There is a worksheet to go with it. -The second slide is a correction to the gap fill -3rd slide: Oral questions (also as a worksheet, 2 per page) - 4th slide: a reading comprehension on family members (also as worksheet) with corrections -5th slide: same text with different questions in english about activities (with worksheet) with corrections. Worksheet: 3 pages -gap fill to go with the video - oral questions (2 per page to save printing) - reading comprehension Please see my other resources for Christmas and leave a feedback if you have time or if there's any problem with the video! Check out my Christmas Activity pack and Karaoke (in my shop) here: Check my shop for more resources and Christmas bundles: Joyeux Noël!
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Joyeux Noel

Christmas worksheet which teaches pupils topic-related vocabulary. Compliments Joyeux Noel Powerpoint.
Le père Noel - French TextQuick View

Le père Noel - French Text

A simple text about Santa Claus in French for beginner level students. After reading the text the students need to answer some comprehension questions and solve a word search,
Christmas Dinner-Le repas de NoelQuick View

Christmas Dinner-Le repas de Noel

Christmas dinner-Le repas de Noel is an activity sheet to keep students busy and working independently, it could be used during a French cover lesson. Designed so that you can just leave it with the cover supervisor, answers included for supervisor/peer marking/assessment at the end of the lesson. Suitable for new French learners with some understanding of simple verbs, KS2 to KS3 or as revision. Gap fill, word and sentence recognition, grammar reinforcement, translation and writing task.
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Joyeux Noel wordsearch and crossword

This resource is intended for Year 7 - Year 9 students to help them with vocabulary related to Christmas. It requires them to think and remember words that they will learn for Christmas. They will need to write the words in French with the English equivalent. It shouldn't take them more than 1 lesson.
French Lesson and Resources -KS2 - Christmas- NoelQuick View

French Lesson and Resources -KS2 - Christmas- Noel

This is a plan and resources for a beginner's French lesson to use with KS2 or KS3. It involves children learning the vocabulary for 'Happy Christmas,' as well as six decorations in French. The plan gives details of a whole class game to use as a starter, how to teach the vocabulary, a paired reading activity, whole class listening activity, a writing activity and plenary. It is highly interactive and allows children to practise a range of language skills. All resources needed for the lesson are included in the price. These are: Plan A PowerPoint presentation Resources for paired activity Written activity
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Noel en France ( KS3 and 4 students)

This a bundle of 12 resources about Christmas is aimed at Intermediate Students ( KS3 and GCSE students). It comprises a wide range of activities: _two PPT Presentation to introduce the vocab _ Games ( dominoes and Loto), a conversation about Christmas holidays ( to be done in January!), _ Reading and Listening Comprehensions. _ 5 worksheets with various vocab and grammar activities around Christmas such as a Role Play about shopping for Xmas, a gap filling activity with a letter to Pere Noel, a multiple choice vocab activity and a Worksheet to practise Prepositions. _ a Visual Dictionary of Christmas Vocab Joyeux Noel!
Le Noel - booklet of activitiesQuick View

Le Noel - booklet of activities

This is a Christmas booklet thought for KS3 students. The booklet contains 6 activities (including a wordsearch and designing a Christmas card) and a vocab page to help them. I also have a Christmas presentation that might be useful to go with this.
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Noel-12 days of Christmas

This presentation explains the perfect tense with avoir and uses Christmas as a theme to introduce 12 sentences with different verbs. It shows how to link them together to create a paragraph. This can be used with students who have not seen the perfect tense before as an introduction, I have used this with year 7 students at the end of their first year or students with some experience of the perfect tense as a revision lesson.