Nouns, Proper Nouns, Abstract Nouns, Plural Nouns, Lot of 10 WorksheetsQuick View

Nouns, Proper Nouns, Abstract Nouns, Plural Nouns, Lot of 10 Worksheets

This is a packet about identifying different kinds of nouns. There are 10 lessons in this packet to include: 1. 5 worksheets that identify different types of nouns to include common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns, and plural nouns. These come with answer keys. 2. There is a worksheet that looks at different types of nouns in sentences. 3. There are 3 color worksheets that create a picture by coloring the different types of nouns different colors. Very fun! 4. A worksheet on I spy nouns in the classroom.
Parts of Speech - Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and AdverbsQuick View

Parts of Speech - Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs and Adverbs

A simple table and gap-filling exercise focusing on WORD FAMILIES and the CONVERSION of PARTS OF SPEECH (based on NOUNS, ADJECTIVES, VERBS and ADVERBS). A great resource which includes HANDY TIPS to enable students to successfully identify and convert PARTS OF SPEECH.
Nouns SongQuick View

Nouns Song

Great explanation for the nouns' rule with some examples.
Nouns or Not Worksheets PLUS Nouns Word Search PuzzleQuick View

Nouns or Not Worksheets PLUS Nouns Word Search Puzzle

NOUNS OR NOT WORKSHEETS PLUS NOUNS WORD SEARCH PUZZLE * Is it a NOUN or ISN’T it? * * * NOUNS OR NOT WORKSHEETS: * Here are 26 sentences with the SAME word used TWICE, once as a noun, once not as a noun. * Your students must read the simple context clues and decide if the word is used as a noun or not! * Great practice in context clues AND grammar. * NOUNS OR NOT! Let your students decide! * THESE WILL MAKE YOUR KIDS THINK! * Your download of 3 pages includes answers. * * * NOUNS WORD SEARCH PUZZLE: * 30 words to find in this fun word search puzzle – ALL NOUNS! * Kid-friendly puzzle, not too large, not too small. * Students LOVE these word searches and know how to use them. You do too. * GREAT FILLER ACTIVITY involving learning! * Decorated with pictures of nouns that are in the puzzle! Helps students “see” what a noun is! Designed and created by David Filipek. Copyright© 2017 David Filipek All rights reserved by the author. Permission for downloads to copy for single classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to single classroom use only. Not for public display.
Nouns Word SearchQuick View

Nouns Word Search

This word search on nouns also doubles as a coloring sheet!. The solution to the puzzle is included. Terms Included: Proper Nouns: ♦ New York ♦ January ♦ Jupiter ♦ Christmas Singular Nouns: ♦ Boat ♦ Dolphin ♦ Telescope ♦ Tree Plural Nouns: ♦ Potatoes ♦ Pencils ♦ Leaves ♦ Stars
Nouns: Printable ActivitiesQuick View

Nouns: Printable Activities

The “Nouns: Printable Activities” package of materials contains posters, mini-books, bingo dauber activities, cut and paste activities, a noun practice booklet, and word sorts. Concepts include: - identification of nouns - common and proper nouns - singular and plural nouns - regular and irregular plural nouns - concrete and abstract nouns - collective nouns Posters Mini-Books Bingo Dauber Activities Cut and Paste Activities Practice Booklets Word Sorts
Sorting Nouns and VerbsQuick View

Sorting Nouns and Verbs

This resource is an interactive activity that allows pupils to sort nouns and verbs into their different categories/Tables.
Nouns and Verbs Sort {Freebie!}Quick View

Nouns and Verbs Sort {Freebie!}

This is a nouns and verbs card sort with a recording sheet. Included are: *Nouns and Verbs header cards *24 cards to sort (12 nouns and 12 verbs). Each card has a picture and a word. *1/2 page recording sheet
Types of Nouns Sort {Freebie!}Quick View

Types of Nouns Sort {Freebie!}

This is a types of nouns card sort with a recording sheet. Included are: *Person, Place, Thing, Animal header cards *24 cards to sort (6 of each type of noun). Each card has a picture and a word. *1/2 page recording sheet *Full page recording sheet *Printable answer key
Collective Nouns Word SearchQuick View

Collective Nouns Word Search

This word search on collective nouns also doubles as a coloring sheet!. The solution to the puzzle is included. Terms Included: ♦ Batch ♦ Crowd ♦ Flock ♦ Litter ♦ Pack ♦ Pride ♦ School ♦ Stack ♦ Team
Nouns and Pronouns - Easter ThemeQuick View

Nouns and Pronouns - Easter Theme

This Easter theme resource reviews nouns and pronouns. Students read the words on the cards and sort them by nouns and pronouns. Student directions, answer key and center cards are included. All you need do is print the packet, laminate and cut out the pieces. Store the centers in file folders, manila envelopes or Ziploc baggies.
Common Nouns Kindergarten WorksheetQuick View

Common Nouns Kindergarten Worksheet

Common Nouns Kindergarten Worksheet-ESL Fun Games-Fun! Try out our Common Nouns Kindergarten Worksheet. Description: Each worksheet has a total of 36 common nouns for kindergarten. How to Use It: Students will circle the photos one at a time as the teacher calls out the nouns. These worksheets can be printed and handed out to students in class. The worksheets also work great for extra homework practice with a parent. Notes: Each worksheet includes an Answer Key. Use our board and card games as complimentary activities for the worksheets. Don’t forget to download our free “Phonics B Sound Photo Worksheet” sample from our website to try one out.
Nouns Guided Notes TemplateQuick View

Nouns Guided Notes Template

Check out this simple and engaging guided notes template to learn about nouns. Short definitions are listed on the bottom for reference. Students will fill in the remaining boxes for common and proper nouns with some components pre-listed. This template can be used to facilitate struggling students, can be differentiated with some more components fille din by you, or provide a great note-taking guide for students. Either use it for definitions or examples for each category.
Nouns and Articles Animated Board GameQuick View

Nouns and Articles Animated Board Game

Our regular board games taken to a new level! Each game includes 6 movable character markers that students can click on to move the character around the board. Every character move includes a sound animation. Regular topic squares trigger a theme sound and every “take another turn” and “loose a turn” squares trigger a unique positive or negative sound bite. This animated Ratatouille board game was designed to practice Nouns and Articles. Students move around the board and fill in the blanks, use photos or written prompts to practice the target language. The student that reaches the "finish" square first, or is the farthest in the game when time is up, Wins! This game can also be played with groups. Just separate your class into however many groups are necessary and each group can take turns passing the mouse between individual students. (Note: Use caution when moving characters in the bottom left hand corner of the game board. These moves are close to the presentation menu. If a menu item is clicked accidentally, just click the “back arrow” to return to the game without exiting and needing to restart the game. Backward moves for characters are not enabled in this game.) Be sure to download our free “Present Simple Tense with Yes-No Questions Animated Board Game-Angry Birds” sample to try one out. Try out all 19 different animated themes with your student’s favorite animated film characters for hours of fun filled learning. Visit our Website for Free Samples, Special Savings and Online English Classes:
French clothing and colors - Noun adjective agreement practiceQuick View

French clothing and colors - Noun adjective agreement practice

What is Teddy wearing? The students color in a teddy-bear and then write four sentences to describe it using a clothing word and a color word. This resource is designed to help students practice noun/adjective agreement and revise vocab sets - clothes and colors. The completed pages can be used to make a colorful wall display. Handouts of the clothes (les vêtements) vocab and masc/fem, sing/plural of color vocab are included in the pack. These can be given to all students if this is an early activity, given to some to provide differentiation or not used at all if you want to use the activity as assessment of learning. As a final activity, students can design and color in their own teddy-bears and write four sentences of description or design and then swap with a partner to write the description. This resource comprises: 1. Six teddy-bear activity sheets 2. One sample completed teddy-bear activity sheet to display or use as an example 3. One design-your-own teddy-bear activity sheet 4. Color and b/w handouts of color vocab 5. B/w handout of clothing vocab You may also like our: French numbers and parts of the body - noun adjective agreement - Fun alien activity
Common or Proper Nouns Task CardsQuick View

Common or Proper Nouns Task Cards

This is a set of 24 task cards designed to help students practice identifying types of nouns. Students will need determine whether a word is a common or proper noun and come up with their own common or proper noun to add to a sentence. **QR Codes are now included for the 18 cards that have an answer choice so that students can check their work. The other 6 cards require students to come up with their own common or proper noun** *2 versions of the task cards are included: one with QR codes, and one without Ideas for using task cards in your classroom: -centers -small group/intervention -write the room -scoot -early finisher choice -cooperative learning activity
Nouns & Pronouns: Up With Language SeriesQuick View

Nouns & Pronouns: Up With Language Series

Pump up those language skills! Each of the 41 lessons in this book focuses on the use of nouns and pronouns. Subjects covered include recognizing nouns and pronouns, common and proper nouns, singular and plural cases, possessive tense, I and Me, and much more. As students progress, they learn to master an understanding of these language-builders. At the conclusion of the book is a three-page comprehensive review exercise and a glossary of the noun rules covered.
Nouns & Pronouns: Easy Language SeriesQuick View

Nouns & Pronouns: Easy Language Series

An impressive introduction. Creatively illustrated and jam-packed with fun yet fundamental grammar activities, the 24 lessons in this book are designed to instill a basic understanding of nouns and pronouns. Students are challenged to identify nouns, finish sentences, circle pronouns, play with proper names, and much more. The use of word graphics makes learning fun and easy. A pre/post test is included.
Collective Nouns Word Wall CardsQuick View

Collective Nouns Word Wall Cards

These word wall cards are a great way for students to improve their knowledge of the different types of collective nouns. This product contains 20 cards with the following terms: ♦ Audience ♦ Band ♦ Batch ♦ Bouquet ♦ Bunch ♦ Choir ♦ Crowd ♦ Flock ♦ Forest ♦ Herd ♦ Hive ♦ Litter ♦ Pack ♦ Pair ♦ Pride ♦ Range ♦ School ♦ Stack ♦ String ♦ Team