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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day PowerPoint presentation, including video clips.
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Remembrance Day

A PowerPoint with discussion points and information on Remembrance Day. The image shows an example from the slides. Includes a slide with an image from Knowsley which could be changed to any locality. Why do we remember? Why do we wear a Poppy?
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Remembrance Day Reading Comprehension

A fact file about Remembrance Day that is also a reading comprehension. This includes three differentiated worksheets with 12 questions each and answers included to test children's comprehension knowledge as well as learning about Remembrance Day at the same time.
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Remembrance Day Acrostic Poems

Have your students get creative with these Remembrance Day acrostic poem sheets. Two different sheets for students to write poetry with imagery and words that appeal to the senses. Students write a poem about Remembrance Day by beginning each line with a word that begins with the letter on that line. The first sheet is REMEMBRANCE and the second sheet is POPPIES. - Greg Smith
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What is Remembrance Day? - Reading Comprehension Worksheet / Text

This Reading Comprehension worksheet is suitable for higher elementary to proficient ESL learners or native English speakers. The text describes the origins and significance of Remembrance Day or Armistice Day celebrated on November 11. After carefully reading the text, students are required to complete some comprehension exercises including a comprehension questions, gap filling and True or False exercises. The text can be used for vocabulary building purposes. This handout can be completed in class or assigned for homework.
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Remembrance Day

This is a remembrance day assembly in the format of a PowerPoint. I delivered this assembly 3 years ago when there were three living survivors alive from World War 1. You may need to change that slide to keep it current. Let me know if you used the resource. It would be nice to know it helped you!
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Remembrance Day assembly powerpoint

A powerpoint to share with a KS2 or KS3 class on Remembrance day/week. Contains key discussion points and war poetry to share and discuss. This promotes high quality Speaking and Listening. Used this in Year 6 and the poetry that was produced was of a very high standard.
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Remembrance - An Assembly

Getting ready for Armistice Day ? A chance to reflect upon Remembrance Day - an Act of Collective Worship / Assembly for whole school or tutor groups. Complete with moments for reflection and audio visual material to enable students to be respectful and aids stimulus material for this important moment within the year
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Poppy Art – Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Armistice Day, Anzac Day.

A ‘Fun with a Ruler’ art project for your students to complete leading up to Remembrance Day / Memorial Day / Armistice Day / Anzac Day. This project involves your students ruling straight lines between 2 dots on a template, to create a poppy. Your students could write something in the petals before colouring (eg facts, opinons, a 4 line poem, etc). Display them together to make a 'poppy patchwork quilt'. Included: ♦ Template – black dots ♦ Template – light grey dots ♦ Example – black/white ♦ Instructions ♦ Teacher notes Level of Difficulty: Your students need to be able to use a ruler to draw straight lines between 2 points (the curves are made with straight lines … it’s like magic!). The design looks more complicated than it actually is. Concentration is required, but the actual process is not difficult. A pattern is repeated 8 times. Instructions: Simple, clear, easy-to-follow instructions are provided. One instruction per page (image and a sentence). Display the instructions via a data projector if you have access to one. Otherwise print and enlarge them and/or demonstrate on an enlarged template. Equipment: You need a ruler and a pen (black works best). Something to colour with (eg coloured pencils, watercolours, felt tip markers, chalk pastels, dye, etc) Size: The artwork measures approximately 17cm x 17cm. Designed on A4 size paper. Keywords: string art, parabolic curves, math, geometry, patterns, war, symbolism, veteran, © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources
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Poppy Craft :: Remembrance Day :: Memorial Day :: Anzac Day

Honour the Memory. Never Forget. A wonderful Poppy Project to honor Remembrance Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and Anzac Day. There are 12 lantern designs and 14 trim sets with various messages of Remembrance. These units are created in a Mix and Match format. You are able to pick the pieces that you want depending on the needs and the abilities of your students. There are so many different possibilities. This unit can be approached in several ways. Either as a quick Poppy project that will take about 90 minutes to complete. Or as long, in-depth project that will take upwards of a week to complete. In my classroom, creating the basic lantern will take my kiddos about 90 minutes (coloring and assembly). Adding on large Poppies or Message Ribbons will take an additional 45 to 60 minute blocks of time. I normally read a Peace storybook for my Kiddos. Then we create one large Poppy circle for each Peace related book, writing and drawing one element from the story that is important. Use this Peace project as the center piece for your Remembrance, Veterans, Anzac or Memorial Day units. In Elementary grades, keep this project simple. Colour or paint the lanterns. On the back of the flower embellishments have the kids write a sentence about what Peace Is. I love reading Todd Parr's book...Peace Is. In Intermediate Grades, on the back of the Poppies, have your kiddos research the different wars...record the name of the war and the death toll. I always find it shocking the number of people who have died to keep us safe. We shall never forget... In High School, especially in Grade 11 Socials, get the kids to research one of the wars or peace keeping missions. Either have them draw on or behind the words images of peace/war. Use the flowers or their own symbols of peace to add notes about their research. :: Poppy Craft :: Peace Poppies :: Fine Motor Crafts :: Poppy Crafts for Kids :: Poppy Activities :: Paper Lantern :: Ms Lil :: Remembrance Day Craft :: Veteran's Day Craft :: Memorial Day Craft :: Anzac Day Craft :: Remembrance Day Activity :: Veteran's Day Activity :: Memorial Day Activity :: Anzac Day Activity ::
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Remembrance Day Assembly

This interactive assembly focuses on what we remember on remembrance day, why November, the men and women involved, information about the poppy, remembrance in modern times and the Tower of London ceramic poppies.
Remembrance Day Activity Pack - Writing Poems & More - Nov 2017 UPDATEQuick View

Remembrance Day Activity Pack - Writing Poems & More - Nov 2017 UPDATE

Spend a full day or even more with all these resources based around remembrance day! MASSIVE REDUCTION! OVER HALF PRICE! Have included a Literacy unit plan including a remembrance day segment suitable for years 3-6 -Powerpoint I made to introduce Remembrance day with included poems to read to the children so they can write their own. -Acrostic Poem Templates I made -Planning (please note this is under 'Literacy-weekly-creating images-poetry') in the resources. This follows on from Bonfire night. -Comprehension - Veterans Day Video -Information about Poppy Day -Poems -Information sheet about poppies -Using a dictionary -Lots of additional activities -NEW newspaper articles designed to discuss England and the FIFA Poppy Ban from the football match last year. An EXCELLENT movie is 'The Piano' absolutely perfect for the occasion and promotes much discussion.
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Remembrance: Remembrance Day Bundle

SAVE 50% BY PURCHASING THE BUNDLE! This year prepare your pupils for Remembrance Day with this complete pack which includes a whole lesson on Remembrance Day and a wide range of engaging activities! Don’t forget to celebrate their success with the certificates included! Included in the Remembrance Day Bundle are the following files: FILE 1: Remembrance Day Lest We Forget ‘Remembrance Day Lest we Forget’ is a well-structured lesson which aims to help students to engage in a meaningful way with this event and to understand the meaning and significance of Remembrance Day. FILE 2: Remembrance Day Jigsaw Puzzles Motivate and enthuse your students with these five differentiated jigsaw puzzles (1 text puzzle and 4 image puzzles) which have the advantage of combining learning about Remembrance with the enjoyment of playing. The puzzles are suitable to be used as part of the lesson ‘Remembrance Lest We Forget’ during class activities, for revision or as a stand-alone activity. FILE 3: Remembrance Day Activity Pack This activity pack consists of a set of 10 activities to use with your students when teaching about Remembrance Day. There is a mixture of engaging and attractive activities which ensure high-quality learning experiences for all students. The resource can be used during class activities, for homework or for revision. Answer keys are provided for all activities! FILE 4: Certificates A wide range of colourful and motivating certificates - just print, personalise and laminate! <strong>TOTAL PAGE COUNT: </strong> 141 Related Resources All Festivals Resources All Puzzles **********************************************************************************
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Let your students creativity flow with this poetry pack for REMEMBRANCE DAY including acrostic, haiku & more! ACROSTIC: Remember, Poppy, Poppies. HAIKU: Planning with instructions to crate word bank and how to make a haiku & write up sheets in colour and black and white. REMEMBER WHEN: Planning sheet for children to brainstorm ideas of what would have happened on that day. BLANK TEMPLATES: colour and black and white with Remembrance Day poem by:_____ with poppy and frame. Each planning sheet and write up sheets comes in both colour and black and white.
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Remembrance Day activity sheets

Two literacy activity sheets - one for ages 5 to 7, the other for ages 7 to 11 - for Remembrance Day. For more free literacy resources like these, including two Remembrance Day information texts and an interactive quiz, Poppy Poppers, visit
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Remembrance: Remembrance Day Lest We Forget

‘Remembrance Day Lest we Forget’ is a well-structured lesson which aims to help students to engage in a meaningful way with this event and to understand the meaning and significance of Remembrance Day. This resource is also the third lesson of the unit ‘Exploring Autumn and Winter Festivals’ (unit plan can be found here) and it is designed to last 1-2 periods. The resource contains a PowerPoint to give structure to the lesson, a flip chart with engaging activities for students and worksheets. There is a mixture of stimulating and attractive activities which ensure high-quality learning experiences for all students: give me 3, watching video-clips, reflective questions, KUI activity etc. There are many opportunities for class discussions to encourage young people to present their own opinions and respect the views of others. All activities are clearly linked to success criteria. All activities proved to be very successful in helping pupils consolidate their knowledge and understanding of Remembrance Day. I have included a sample of pupils’ feedback which was very positive. At the end of this topic you can celebrate pupils’ success with one of these certificates. ********************************************************************************** This resource contains: ✶ Cover ✶ Teacher Notes (including learning objectives, ways of differentiating, detailed instructions on how and when to use this resource and printing tips) ✶ PowerPoint Presentation (fully editable and with animation) ✶ Flipchart Interactive Activities ✶ Worksheets ✶ TOU/Credits Page Count: 43 ********************************************************************************** Related Resources All Festivals Resources **********************************************************************************
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Remembrance Day / Armistice Day

Remembrance Day / Armistice Day - 11th November - Assembly /Tutor Time Pack. a £1 of every purchase will be donated to the Royal British Legion. This resource pack contains + 1x Assembly and 1 x tutor time sessions. It also includes two of our interactive activities. Namely our 5W activity and our Interactive Emoji Selector - this is worth £3.00! All PowerPoints are fully resourced with YouTube links and activities to discuss the topic in question. Assembly pack contains a PPT (11 Slides) and a handout for you to make notes on each slide should you so wish. The assembly introduces pupils to the history of Remembrance Day and the Poppy . It includes a link to a YouTube clip educating them on the main symbol of remembrance, the poppy and a link to the Flanders Field poem. This resource includes a quote relating to the topic and an OPTIONAL Christian prayer. Tutor Time pack contains 1 x Fully Resourced PPT (12 slides in total) Worksheet (1 A4 sheets). Included in this session is our 5W activity complete with music and worksheet and a link to a debate on whether people should wear white or red poppies (this is an optional video) Following this pupils are to create their own leaflet on the history of Remembrance Day and the Poppy. We hope that you enjoy this resource! We would love your feedback, if you like what you see, please follow us: on Tes TeachElite's Shop click the'Follow this Author button' . We will keep you updated on any sales we throw or FREEBIES we upload. You can find us on Twitter: and Facebook: If you review this resource we will give you another resource of the same value for FREE.
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Remembrance Day

A 20 slide presentation (PP and worksheets) to commemorate the 11th November, Remembrance Day. This is suitable for upper KS2 and KS3. Useful as an assembly or PSHE lesson, one off History lesson or as an English lesson with resources for poetry writing, extended writing and class discussion.