Learn to tell the time - 'What's the time?' songQuick View

Learn to tell the time - 'What's the time?' song

Time is a notoriously difficult concept for children to grasp. This simple and fun song will help them to learn about quarter past, half past, quarter to and o'clock. Words are included on the sheet. Available to listen (Free!) or download (only 50p for top quality audio version) from: http://johnnyandtheraindrops.bandcamp.com/track/whats-the-time-2. Visit Johnny and the Raindrops' YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/metalmickeydolenz - for more fun and educational videos. Band's website: www.johnnyandtheraindrops.co.uk

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Distance time graphsQuick View

Distance time graphs

Complete lesson on distance time graphs. Includes: > Starter on worded speed distance time questions. Solutions provided. > Whole class activity: A distance time graph example at the board with questions. > Skills check: 5 questions on one graph for every student to do then answers discussed/projected onto the board (answers provided) > Graph match up activity. 9 graphs with matching descriptions. These have been numbered/lettered so that students don't need to cut them out if you would like to get them through this activity quicker than cutting and sticking. > Extension task: Describe what this graphs is showing (a race between two people) > Full solutions provided > Examples on finding speed from a distance time graph > Find the speed at the different points of this graph > Extension: What is happening to the speed in this graph? > Full solutions provided >

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Time Pack   (telling the time - analogue & digital) (UK version) - 20+ printablesQuick View

Time Pack (telling the time - analogue & digital) (UK version) - 20+ printables

PLEASE NOTE: This is the UK version. If you require the US version, please visit our store. 24 Printable worksheets - Telling the time. There are also templates included so that you can create your own written worksheets or alternatively, children can create their own questions for a partner to solve. Contains: * Telling the time booklet name page (b&w) * Telling the time booklet name page (colour) * Create your own clock (with numbers) * Create your own clock (without numbers) * 12-hour digital to analogue (1 minute intervals) * 12-hour digital to analogue (5 minute intervals) * 24-hour digital to analogue (1 minute intervals) * 24-hour digital to analogue (5 minute intervals) * 12-hour digital to analogue (1 minute intervals) * Analogue to digital time * Time domino game * Create your own time domino game (template) * Time in real life (reasoning) * Create your own converting time grid (template) * Converting time grid * Match the time * Create your own match the time (template) * Converting written time * Create your own converting written time (template) * Real-life time events (reasoning) * Convert your own time- analogue and digital (template) * Fill in the clock - with minute intervals * Time elapsed * Create your own time elapses (template) * Time terminology word search PDF format (when printing please set the size option to actual size). Your feedback is really important to us. We provide quality products at affordable prices and really would appreciate your feedback. With that in mind, please be kind enough to spare a minute or two to leave feedback on this product as it will help us improve our service to you the customer. Thank you for purchasing our product.

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Telling The Time Matching ActivityQuick View

Telling The Time Matching Activity

This telling the time puzzle is a fun way to test students ability to tell the time. Students match the image of an analogue clock, the time in words, digital and 24-hour time. Included are variations of the follwing times: o’clock, half past, quarter past and to, 10 minute intervals and minute intervals. It is designed to be easily cut with little wastage. So either the teacher or tutor can prepare the cards by cutting them before hand, or students can cut their own cards, giving them a chance to see the solutions before they attempt the puzzle. Although this product is made in colour, it prints perfectly well in black and white. Available as part of Matching Activity Bundle One. You may also like: Elapsed Time Bingo Telling the Time Flash Cards Telling the Time Clip Cards Time Wars Card Game With Clock Faces

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Transition : Form time : Back to SchoolQuick View

Transition : Form time : Back to School

For form tutors meeting their new classes- a selection of lessons and tools to help you and your class settle in for a positive new year. This pack is created to help you boost achievement, foster a growth mindset in students and set aspirational targets ready for the school year. All lessons are complete 1 hour lessons with differentiated worksheets, suitable for KS3/4 easily adapted for either. Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core and designed to fit Ofsted criteria for' Good' or above. Many more inexpensive and free resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

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Marking time-buster. 50 ideasQuick View

Marking time-buster. 50 ideas

You will save countless hours of marking time with these ingenious ideas. INSTEAD OF......(common mistake), try................(new time saving solution!) These are highly praised and have been adopted at whole-school levels. 50 great ideas with scanned examples (If you search '300 lesson activities - you will see that my products are popular here on TES. This product is just as good!).

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Time / Clock (Analogue and Digital)Quick View

Time / Clock (Analogue and Digital)

Reading the Time / Clock (Analogue and Digital) This resource includes 2 excellent Animations. One is an analogue clock which you can use to set a time and the answers are revealed underneath in words. Second animation is a digital clock which you can choose to set at 12 hour or 24 hour clock and then ask questions using it, answers can be revealed underneath for each question. There is 4 assessment and questioning slides with answers, questions are differentiated. The aim is, if the time is 5.10pm student state 10 minutes past five in the afternoon or if the time is 20:40 then students states 20 minutes to eight in the evening.

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Speed distance timeQuick View

Speed distance time

10 questions, with the formula triangle to fill in for each questions, so they know what they are finding out.

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Back To School - Circle Time / Ice BreakersQuick View

Back To School - Circle Time / Ice Breakers

This is the perfect addition to any classroom especially at the beginning of the school year! This is a FULLY INTERACTIVE presentation with animation and MUSIC. The PPT consists of over 30 Slides with 12 activities and three of our fun count down timers. Use the Circle Time Selector Wheel on slide 2 to select one of the 12 Circle time/Ice breaker activities within this presentation. click on a coloured segment of the selector to start it spinning and the hand to stop it. You can then click on the selected monster to take you to the relevant activity. If you wish to be taken back to the Circle Time Selector, there is a signpost on each page. You have the option of selecting either one of the 5, 10 or 15 minute timers for each activity. The timers included are: 5 Minutes: Pirate times 10 Minutes: Ultimate Bubble Timer 15 Minutes: Balloon Timer We would love your feedback on this resource! If you like what you see, please follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeachElite/?ref=bookmarks TES: https://www.tes.com/member/TeachElite

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Tutor Time BundleQuick View

Tutor Time Bundle

My super folder or resources for "things to do at tutor time". I wish that I had this as an NQT! Dip into this folder for when you are stuck for ideas or need a fun challenge or activity.

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Time durationQuick View

Time duration

An introduction to time duration using analogue and digital clocks. Resource 1 - Time duration in hours, minutes and finally hours & minutes can be explored. Tips for tricky examples are given for both analogue and digital times. Resource 2 - Using counting on and back methods pupils to work out later and earlier times, with increases/decreases in hours, minutes and then hour and minutes. This tutorial is set in a real-life context. I'd be glad to have feedback.

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Time ZonesQuick View

Time Zones

This resource consists of a Time Zone map and a sheet for pupils to complete using the information provided. Work out the time in different cities of the world. This is a cross-curricular resource.

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Time connectivesQuick View

Time connectives

Colourful slides introducing range of time connectives. Includes a 'Spot the time connective&' challenge which can be done as a class or printed for paired work. There is also a group challenge and idea for individual recording.

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