2017 KS2 SATs Revision Ultimate 3-in-1 Maths Organiser

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It's back for 2017 with a fresh new look!
All 48 booster packs (over 190 pages of content!) have been updated with the Sample paper and 2016 Reasoning and Arithmetic questions. The new video tutorials on YouTube for these questions are only accessible via this resource: a MUST for all KS2 primary schools, children and parents preparing for SATs!

This resource allows a student to choose a weak topic area of theirs (personalised learning) from a menu of 48 topics and instantly opens a printable PDF of past SATs questions specific to that topic. All 48 topic PDFs are housed on Genius Maths' Google drive account which can only be accessed via this single file. All questions contain a Youtube Button next to them, so if a student needs help, they simply HIT THE YOUTUBE button to zoom off to a mini Youtube tutorial specific to that question on our Youtube channel. The Youtube channel has over 180,000 hits and rising from those who used it during the last two year's SATs.

Also included are the One-A-Day Mini Maths Vidamins for Y5 + and links to Thinking Outside the Box puzzle videos! This single PDF could easily be placed on a teacher's computer for whiteboard projection. It could be used in whole class lessons in an ICT suite or from the comfort of a student's own living room on their tablet.

Schools placing this on their own website will be giving students the ability to access and revise for their SATs from home across multiple platforms - laptops, tablets and phones.
Students could even revise on their phone on a car journey!

The school promo posters are included to help you advertise the launch of the Organiser on your school corridors/walls.

*updated 04/12/16 to include KS2 Launch assembly and parent information letter to send home.

**updated 03/03/17 to include Answer Booklet PDF. Now you can quickly check answers to all questions in the PDF, in addition to viewing solution and answer via the YouTube video.

***Technical support: You do not need a google account to use this resource, if you are asked to sign in this it is because google has detected that someone has previously logged into a google account on your machine- in this case please first clear out cookies from your web browser. Thanks**

just copy and paste the link!

  • KS2-Ultimate-3-in-1-Organiser-2017-Maths-SATs.pdf
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  • School-Promo-Poster-01.png
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  • School-Promo-Poster-03.png
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  • School-Promo-Poster-05.png
  • KS2-Assembly-for-Organiser-Launch.pptx
  • Parent's-info-Letter-Editable-SIDE-A.docx
  • Parent's-info-Letter-Editable-SIDE-B.docx
  • ANSWER-BOOKLET-for-All-Boosters.pdf
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CreatedOct 24, 2016
UpdatedMar 3, 2017

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    We are having exactly the same problems, bought and paid for school resources yesterday, and states we do not have access. Have emailed both help email addresses for help. We are excited to explore and use the resources but cannot get access!

    • user avatarambowers2Reply from Author2 days ago

      Hi, yes thanks we have received your email. Anyone who has the Organiser PDF should be able to access the links. Apparently it is a technical glitch in the way google drive operates, that only affects a small number of users who have previously logged into a googlemail (gmail) account on that particular machine. All the links should be working fine on a different machine. All you need to do is clear the cookies from your web browser and the problem should be solved! Google "clear cookies chrome" or "clear cookies internet explorer" depending on which web browser you are using. Follow those instructions on how to clear the cookies and you should be up and running in under two minutes. Hope this helps. Email us at ks2mathsorganiser@gmail.com if you have any further problems. Thanks

  • 5
    user avatarBusMgr3 days agoReport

    This resource looks incredible.
    Just bought your incredible resource with the school licence.

    Just wondering, how do we create a link to it on our school website so that children can access at home?

    I have read all attached files and can’t find instructions.

    Thank you,


    • user avatarambowers2Reply from Author2 days ago

      Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. It is a quick 5 minute job for the person who maintains your school website. If you give the main PDF file containing the Organiser to the person in your school who maintains your school website, all they need to is upload the file to your school website with a "Click Here" next to it, in the same way that some schools upload newsletters for parents to access just in case students lose them on the way home etc. When the student visits your website from home on tablet or laptop etc, once they click the "click here", the PDF file hidden behind it will open in their web browser and then all the booster pack links, past papers and youtube tutorials will be there. I would advise putting the link on the main page of your website in a prominent position so students and parents have no excuses for not being able to find it! Hope this helps. please email ks2mathsorganiser@gmail.com if you have any further problems

  • 3
    user avatarerylands15 days agoReport

    Useful but quite tricky to navigate.

    • user avatarambowers2Reply from Author15 days ago

      Hi there, thanks for your comment. Please could you be a little more specific about the difficulty you are having with "navigation". All the questions are grouped by topic, with number coming first, then using and applying maths, then shape and space and lastly the handling data topics. All topics have a help code assigned to them with a large button to enable easy clicking, easy to find and access by students once the Organiser is on a school website. The questions then have a YouTube button next to them for easy navigation to a worked solution should the students require it. Lots of teachers (and students themselves) on social media groups have reported ease of use to aid their revision. If you could email us at ks2mathsorganiser@gmail.com, with further details of your navigation problem, we would be happy to assist and help you get the best out of it. Thanks

  • 5
    user avatarTommmm2 months agoReport

    Looks great. I shall be raiding this on a weekly basis between now and May! Thank you.

  • 5
    user avatarmracdpresent2 months agoReport

    Looks great!

    • user avatarambowers2Reply from Author2 months ago

      Hope it's useful, thanks!