3 Times Table Trick

This animated PowerPoint uses arrays to help with the three times table multiplication strategy .

This clear, step-by-step and helpful PowerPoint will help students learn that multiplication by 3 can be done by doubling and adding another set.

e.g. to calculate 3 × 14:
first double 14 getting 28, then add another 14, (to get 3 times 14) which is 42.

21 Examples are presented (from 3 x 2 up to 3 x 21) in order, or from a hyperlink menu.

Each slide shows the sum and a confused face,
Then two lines of the matching array (showing the doubling array)
Then another set (another line of the array) is added
Whilst the matching thought process is shown with clear sums.
Finally everything apart from the x3 sum and array dissolve out, leaving just the sum, the answer and the x3 array.

Each part of the thought multiplication strategy is presented when you click the mouse, giving students time to work out and explain each step.


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Created: Jun 18, 2017

Updated: Feb 22, 2018


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