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Acne - Fully editable, Science Reading Activity - Disciplinary Literacy for Grades 5-7 (ages 10-12) as well as older students with lower developed learning levels. Tackle literacy and science by having your students read and answer questions from a scientific article. Each page highlights and explains key terms for student reference. Questions include knowledge (direct from the paper), thinking, connecting and open-ended varieties. There is also an optional video question accessed via a link or a QR code. The kids love this as it brings in technology.

No Prep, no formatting, no issues. Simply download, print (or upload to your class site) and you're all set. The article comes as a WORD file as well as a PDF for your convenience.


This reading is perfect for an extension activity, substitute plans or literacy practice and hits on the following Common Core Standards:

The reading looks at:
- What is acne?
- What are the different kinds of acne?
- Why do people get acne?
- Prevention
- Treatment
- What not to do
- Reading Comprehension Questions and Answers


The article is divided into easily understood sections which clearly describe the topic in a manner that can be understood by your grade 5-7 student as well as older students with less developed literacy skills. Along with elementary and middle school students, these readings have been used to great success with high school English language learners and students with learning difficulties.

The article contains a word bank of more complex terms which are highlighted on each page along with fun fact boxes and pictures which stand out and grab the attention of young readers.
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