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This display uses the context of Algorithms (in the computing curriculum) to demonstrate the process of learning a new skill. This can be referred to in class to boost resilience, independent learning (the 'find help' instruction could refer to teacher, but also peers, books, research etc), but also to remind, refresh and teach the importance of the clear, precise and chronological nature of algorithms. It can also be a teaching point for decision diamonds, and how they only ever have 2 outcomes (yes, no). Included in the download is a picture of what it looks like, and the master file with all the parts separate for you to edit/ print.

Let me know if it works for you!
This is also mentioned in my online CPD video: Delve in, for twelve min!
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(You may need to download the free font 'VCT Scream it loud 2' if you want it to edit the word doc, otherwise just use the pdf!)


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