One of the best websites I’ve used for creating a shape poem. I introduced this to my class today. They absolutely LOVED it. The children have to think of onomatopoeia words related to bonfire night eg bang, fizz, pop, crackle. They insert them on the page (it’s soooo simple to use.) They can then change colour, size, font and animate the words to create a firework display - amazing! LINK NOW FIXED - click on sample lesson on TES Topics page.


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    Children absolutely loved this activity. We used the schools' laptops for the first time, one between two children. They were fully engaged choosing their words, altering the text and colours and how they appear. They automatically went back and altered their work to improve it. THANK YOU a must for 2012!

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    amazing had so much fun researching this! cant wait to share with class tomorrow

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    user avatarferencpecs6 years agoreport

    Inspiring resource! Thank you for sharing it, used it for my Son's Homework. He loved it! As reviewers stated before me, would be useful to be able to save it, so he could take it into school. Many thanks.

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    WOW - Just love this. Everyone I've shared it with has loved it too. Would be great to be able to save - but I'm not knocking it in any way - it's PERFECT for what we're doing!

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    user avatarAnnT696 years agoreport

    Really nice! Is there a way of saving it? It would be nice to show during a class assembly next week! :o)