Level 7 and 9 (Grades C - A at GCSE approx)
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  • Geometry. Level 7. Polygons. Angles in Regular Polygons.pdf
  • Geometry. Level 7. Polygons. Investigating interior and exterior angles.pdf
  • Geometry. Level 9. Polygons. Finding Angles in Regular Polygons.pdf

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    Particularly like the harder questions

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    user avatarRChawla13 months agoreport

    Brilliant challlene

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    user avatarjalaram4 months agoreport

    Excellent worksheet . Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarjmehers5 months agoreport

    A well laid out exercise which engages the students. It saves their time and is clearly presented.

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    user avatarrdatta236 months agoreport

    Providing the answers would have been helpful. I don't actually think this resource deserves a 1, I merely want to bring the average mark down.