Angles Investigation

A worksheet to help pupils discover the rules that angles on a point total 360 degrees, in a triangle total 180 degrees and in a quadrilateral total 360 degrees. And a SMART notebook file to use in the plenary to share what they have found out, and to guess (and test) as a class what the rule might be for angles on a straight line. Topics also included: measure.


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    This looks brilliant. Perfect for the angle work I need to do and fits in nicely with the addition work as well.

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    stylishcow3 months agoReport

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    CarlaStout6 months agoReport

    Perfect. Thank you so much!

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    xnicolahxa year agoReport

    I have adapted it for my year 5 class. So top children (L4a+) will complete all of the sheet, middle group (3a-4b) will complete first two, and then lower group (L1b-3b) will complete the first part with my 3bs having an extension if needed! Very useful resource for my big range cohort but allows all children to meet the same learning objective. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing. Answer sheets always good.

Oct 21, 2009
Oct 31, 2014

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