Antigone Sophocles Unit
This Antigone unit includes 215 PPT slides, 158 printable pages, and over 50 different engaging common core activities. For a close look at the Antigone activities, view the preview. This detailed Antigone unit facilitates a deep analysis of the play within the following categories:

1) Introduction to the Origins of Greek Tragedy
2) Preview of the Oedipus Myth
3) Indirect Characterization and Foil Characters
4) Analysis of the Stages/Traits of a Tragic Hero
5) Analysis of Rhetorical Persuasive Appeals
6) Common Core civil disobedience compare and contrast writing activities
7) Analysis of metaphors, analogies, and figurative language
8) Symbolism and Cause and Effect mapping
9) Analysis of Parodos, Odes, and Paen
10) Analysis of allusions to Greek Mythology
11) Final Unit Test (matching, true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer)
12) Summative Writing Performance Task

Each lesson plan includes:

PPT Lectures
Student Notes
Student Worksheets and Exercises
Analytical Writing Tasks
Teacher Answers and Resources

Total Pages 215 slides 158 pages


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Resources included (9)

Antigone Scene 1 Creon's Speech & 3 Analysis Activities
Antigone Scene 5 & Exodus Symbolism Cause & Effect

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