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A resource with a quick, easy to use child friendly description of the assessing pupil progress strands for writing (Writing AF 1,3,4,5,6) in English. I’m afraid I have only done levels 3 to 6 so will be not be useful for higher achieving year 8 pupils.

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CreatedJan 25, 2010
UpdatedApr 12, 2013

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    user avatarhclose4 years agoReport

    Great! As a non specialist, these are fantastic for helping to explain how to progress.

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    user avataraygunja5 years agoReport

    Many thanks for this resource. I think it will be very useful. Can I just ask what you mean by topic sentences?

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    user avatarVinceFord6 years agoReport

    Clear visual way at looking at APP. They are A3 size so make sure you have an A3 printer! Otherwise you will have to reduce them to A4 yourself.

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    user avatarEllaloren7 years agoReport

    Help. Can´t get these. Publisher cannot open the file??

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    Thanks. Thanks.

    Yes I did them on A3 as it was originally for display but thought I could use them in peer assessment. It should be able to print in A4: hope you can sort it- if not just let me know.